Indoraptor fusing after using raptor scents

Curious if anyone else is experiencing this.

Ive been using the raptor scents to level up my Indoraptor and have had nothing but 10 for fuses since. Its been ELEVEN consecutive 10s now. Im getting normal fuses on everything else but this seems a little suspect. Ive never seen that many in a row.

Anyone experiencing this?

I’ve got to say, if there’s any one thing that irritates me to the point where I consider giving this game a break for a while it’s getting 10 after 10 after 10 after 10 for DNA fuses…

Been getting all 10s on both I-Rex and Indoraptor… Probably a coincidence, though…

I’ve kinda noticed this too. I don’t normally get consecutive 10s for Indo… at least for a very long time. Monday and tuesday I bought 5 raptor scents getting over 37,500 raptor dna. Fused the Indo 7x so far this week and got 40/10/10/20/10/10/20. Not impressed one bit. Especially the indom, I’ve been running out of trex dna, and the constant 10s hurts a bit :joy:

I got 50, 20, and 10 with raptor scent raptors.

Same here. I thought for sure I’d have plenty of Rex dna for how many scents I got but now I wont have enough. At least you got some fuses that werent 10s. Im dying over here

The real trick is having a short memory, so that you have no idea what you’ve been rolling.


That’s true, anything is better than a 10 haha. I wouldn’t be so salty about my fuse results if It hasn’t been so dang cold lately. Been biking in 40-45 degree weather for these raptors. End result not really worth it, considering majority of the raptors were bought through scents, and not from wild encounters.

Just need a little over 100 to get my indo to 29 :tired_face:

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Wow no rush then :blush:
After 30 youve won

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It’s probably Ludia decreasing our fusion rate so when the new update comes out and they bring it back to normal we all feel like we got a boost in fusions! bahahaha!

40’s sounds balmy. We’re expecting a snow storm tonight :snowflake::rofl:

Hm… I have got my last indoraptor fuses 40-40-10-30-10-10-40 (since I started to mark fuses). My best fuse so far was 90 for Tryostronix, btw.

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Haha I’m from California where we get 105+ in the summer :joy:

My body is not acclimated to anything below 60 lol. I went biking in a long sleeve with a sweater, layered with another jacket, on top of a wind breaker. Got my gloves on, jogger pants, and a beanie. Got 16,500 raptors that night, but the end result I couldn’t feel my fingers.

Following day I made a smart investment, and got some thermo gear to survive. With the excessive biking prior to the cold, I have zero body fat. Definitely need all the warmth I can get.

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Haha I lived in a blazing hot town in southern california called El centro for 2 years. I know that feeling.

We are highlanders here- Alps, Slovenia. My Dad takes me hiking with -20 C as normal, windy sure. Can’t wait the real winter.

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I think the last time it snowed in Cali was in 1998. Always wanted to move to Canada, but the winter is out of the question.

@anon31474549 champion lungs there! I love hiking, but preferably Yosemite temperatures. Would definitely not be able to survive the alps or hike comfortably. Tap out while I can :joy:

I actually was getting amazing fuses on Indom and Indo while using raptor scents. Like one or two 10s, a couple 20s, the rest 30-60. Got it all the way to 26.

After I used my raptor scent I went to fuse indo and got 100 on my first shot. When I finally came to, I evolved my indo and put my phone down because I knew my luck was done for the day.


Must only work for ladies :thinking:

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I have had aload on the meglasuchus to many to count and still got 20 more dna to go its realy anoying as i don’t see meglasaurus anywhere now

Just found a Trex within range, managed to get good run. Got enough trex for four fuses, 20/10/10/20. Tested my luck with the indo and got a 60 :grin:

Now to hunt during the day for some more trex. My goal is lvl 29 by the end of this week. Let’s goo