Indoraptor Fusion

I have four Indoraptors should I fuse them! And I have a other one coming as well.

Let me see your line up

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No don’t it’s not worth it

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My biggest mistake was making mine to level 10

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My ferocity is to big of a gap and some battles are hard

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Thanks for the help :+1:

No problem

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Depends on your goals, personally I would not with your lineup, but then I would not have fused any of them based on your lineup with what I know now.


  • Fuse to level 30 the two lvl 20’s complete the badge associated with it then sell it, immediately.
  • don’t fuse any make as many hybrids that you can as quickly as you can to support the 18,000 ferocity level a level 40 has.

If you are not having any issues with events currently ignore the first option.

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With that lineup you have I would sell all my indoraptors rather than making more, your gorgo isn’t even anywhere near your bottom indos ferocity level


Before I have my indoraptors I mostly win with gorgo but takes about 7 hours then when I got it I started to win a lot.

Ok, but what if you face a team of amphibians?

Wow, one day for use them again, so asuming you got 2 events where you need 7 fights (3 dinos per fight) you need 21 dinos, and your first 4 can only be used once a day.

How do you manage to win all of the events? Personally I would sell 3 of them for DNA and left only one and start building a more balanced team, it depends on your gameplay but for me I prefer having 50 dinos that Can win and be used twice a day, rather than 25 to be used only once (you have four and a big big gap), if you aren’t having troubles just start filling the gaps But that’s just me.

I have so many Dinosaurs cards I trade them for cash

this is more lineup. I was in the legendary event

Should trade them for dna and fill the gaps, just to show you your level difficulties are taken on the average ferocity of your top 3 dinos, that’s 13,609 ferocity so your daily event matches will be based on that ferocity.
Your fourth dino is 4,545

So basically your top 3 dinos are three times stronger than your other top dinos, so you will face also matches with 3 times or more the ferocity of your gorgosuchus.

Yes, doing daily events seems boring, but they are good for long play, if you do them firstly you will have more sdna for more indoraptors and others, secondly you can win nice amount of dna (multiply that by 30 days and it’s a LOT of missed dna), also you can win sdna events, DB, or free dinos for making for example Priotrodon.

How much dna are you making in a week?

I see your point I use my max out flyers that are from legendary and hybrids

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I make about 2000 a week I play the game about 2 hours

2,000 dna a week? That is pretty low, but since you don’t play much it’s understable.

My point is that if you did daily battles and a few trades that would take you 30 minutes a day you would make a lot more. I’m making around 30,000-50,000 of DNA a week just by doing trades, events, and daily objectives.


Thanks for the help :+1:

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