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Indoraptor G1 worth it?🤔

obviously indo g2 is much better, but is indo g1 worth now? (I used it at level 25 but not anymore) What do you think?

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I only use it because it’s so high level. It’s not a strong unique IMO not worth investment.

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well, unfortunately it’s only worth when using pre-aviary
but I still use mine and it’s been pretty useful, the trick is to not use it against indo G2

If you’re considering spending resources on anything, remember that it’s best to wait for the update. You never know what could change.

It is called 2.0 for a reason.


I had not thought, “2.0 will be for something”. Wise words .___.

For me, yes, it is. To a point. Over time, I eventually get a whole lot of extra raptor & rex DNA that I can’t put into anything else. I don’t get enough Erliko or Kentro to keep up. Best use of that DNA is my Indoraptor. It’s level 26 now. It’s one of my highest level critters, and with minimal stat boosts, it fights at top Aviary levels without looking like a wuss. It’s certainly not top tier, but I certainly don’t have better alternatives for my 8th dino. I don’t get enough DNA for that. So in my case, I keep building it because it’s so very much better than my unboosted Thor or my level 23 Thyla.

If I had a level 25 Quetzorion or something, I’d definitely try that in the Indoraptor’s place. But I don’t have one. And with evasion, the Indoraptor doesn’t need a great deal of speed boosts to still do something

Spend your trex dna on tryko instead


He has some uses. Good against Erlidom, Tryko, Nemys, Grypo and chompers, especially considering he’s very easy to upgrade. But he doesn’t stand the comparison with Indo G2

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G1 is fun to play with :+1: gets annihilated by G2

It’s strong for sure. Very underrated and has saved me on multiple occasions