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Indoraptor G2 - Cumulative Dodge?


When indo2 is slower and choosen Caution ability… after get hit it’s now dodge active, as expected with other effects, right?

what happens if i choose instant dodge next turn?

a) indo2 is now 50%+50% dodge chance? :heart_eyes:
b) instant dodge override caution dodge, keeping other caution effects like speedup and opponent’s distraction. and we have the same 50% chance of 66% dodge… :roll_eyes:
c) other.

Tried something similar, dodge doesn’t stack. That’s about it, really, so option b.

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I’m pretty sure the 1.8 patch notes said that if two evasive moves are used together, only the one with the higher dodge chance is taken into consideration while they’re both in effect.
It actually works the same way shields do. If you’ve ever used Alankylosaurus you might be familiar with the concept. Similar to how the shields on Nodopatotitan don’t stack.


what about speedup?

if indo2 or erlidom or spyx for example, use speedup is now 10% for 2 or 3 turns.

then next turn using speedup again is now 10%+10% or just renew turn counter?

MSS will stack, but not Dodge. Let’s say it will, but definitely cannot be stacked as you said in OP. CS only Dodge for one turn. If you use Priority move next, Dodge effect(CS) wear off.

It could if it’s other way around.


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