Indoraptor gen 1 or 2?

I have now gotten both a level 30 Indominus rex gen 1 and 2 level 30, as I was slowly getting enough DNA for both, the food etc, I was stacking up my Raptor DNA, I was hoping I’d reach 8k when both Indominus rex’s were lvl 40, but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen, as I have 5950 right now, but I am sure I won’t make it, so! Which one should I get first? Gen 1 or 2.


Gen 2 is slightly weaker, but balanced more towards tanky. Gen 1 is a glass cannon.

There isn’t one that outshines the other, it’s just up to what fits your roster more, tanky vs glass cannon?


And what difference do they have in ferocity at lvl 1?



Indo LvL 10 is better than Indo G2 LvL 10
Indo LvL 20 is worst than Indo G2 LvL 20

So better to get some indos before You go for Indo G2

Indoraptor gen 1 is better and easier to create

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So 10k health is considored a glass cannon now? Whats 1k? Super weak?

Health by itself doesn’t determine glass cannon or tank. It’s the ratio of health to attack. 2 to 1 or lower is generally considered a glass cannon. While 3:1 or more is generally considered a tank.

These ratios are just my opinion, but seem to be the generally agreed to for labeling. The dinos between those ratios are more balanced.