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Indoraptor Gen 2 - bad season

It is not fair that the indoraptor gen 1 is garbage against gene 2

An indoraptor Gen 2 level 19 beats my level 25 dinosaurs

Not even my Indoraptor gen 1 level 24 can beat you

deberían pulir a indoraptor gen 1



Not to throw shade at your dilemma, but Indo Gen 2 is the better version of Indo Gen 1. It is inherently better than Indo Gen because of Blue’s DNA with which it is created from. Blue was the superior raptor in Owen’s pack. So it is only fitting that it be made this way.


Well, generally one would expect that the second edition of a creature would have improvements.

We usually don’t strive to devolve a product, but rather… we strive to make improvements.

That said, Indoraptor G2 is a beast, I expect a nerf or removal of cautious strike next update. The kit is very strong in this one.

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Indo g2 don’t need a nerf…counter it or get it by yourself!!!

Learn to counter, check!


I have one, and terrorize players with it. Great fun. Still, it’s OP.

It sounds like you rely heavily on it for wins.

Ludia has made much money in this, they make an OP mascot, people invest heavily and it gets a nerf. Rinse, repeat. You know this, you’ve been playing far too long not to know.


No I m not using it only…I use it to counter dodgers…but these stupid cry for nerf is irritating…

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While a move like Cautious Strike which not only downgrade your oppontent’s attack but also gives dodge to yourself and can be used every round so that the speed increase STACKS is not irritating at all, right?

It’s the most broken creature ever existed in the game. And it’s not a question of counters, because there’s no creature on the planet having constant counters (they all have a recharge time).

And saying “get it yourself” is EXACTLY what Ludia wants: that everybody spends money on coins and hard cash to boost that thing to impossible levels, and for every user saying “it’s amazing, don’t nerf it”, they just giggle in joy because there’s someone feeding their greedyness.

And worry not, in X months they will nerf it. So badly that all those boosting that thing will smash their phones in anger and frustration. IF, of course, the game will still exist, considering the amount of high-level players that I see quitting all the time.


A basic move that has 5 abilities needs a nerf. I don’t care if people are sick of people wanting nerfs, the fact is no dino should have a basic move that does 5 abilities in one go.


If a dinosaur is balanced and it gets it’s strength lowered it was ‘nerfed’…

…if the dinosaur is OP (like IncomeRaptor is) and it has it’s power reduced, that ‘balancing’.


Doesnt need a nerf. Go out and hunt the dna. Do the strike towers, battle daily and get your own. As I understand they’re practically handed for free nowadays so shouldn’t be too difficult to grow your own. Boost it to oblivious and have some fun with it. I know I do :joy:

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Your missing the point completely, get it and use it yourself is a stupid argument. Being pigeonholed into one or two mandatory Dino’s is not balancing. People should be able to play a variety of viable creatures at any level.


Yeah, I have one almost to lvl 26, and lightly boosted. I agree it is pretty OP actually. Was surprised that they did not make the G2 at least a unique. I mean the Legendary is much more powerful than the Unique version? Doesn’t make sense to me, but then it’s Ludia.

humor yourself and check the teams in the upper arenas. Variety is a luxury only the lower arenas can afford :woman_shrugging:t3:

And you forget…Variety is dead coz of boosts…