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Indoraptor Gen 2 boring and unfair

The attributes of indoraptor gen 2 have to be decreased. It’s crazy that a legendary dinosaur kills 2 or 3 unique dinosaurs without problems. The cautious assault is too powerful.
Dodge, increased speed, 50% damage taken … It is too much and slows down the game a lot and makes the game boring. I have my Indoraptor gen 2 level 27 but I don’t use it because it is unfair.


I don’t use Indo G2 too. Cheap and nooby


Me too indoraptor is better


why shouldnt a legendary be able to do such a thing? i think that rarity shouldnt matter that much and indo gen2 has been nerfed and definitely isnt op anymore


Glad to know i’m not the only one to prefer the standard Indoraptor.
Honestly, the reason why it was dropped by everyone isn’t even because he’s weak (He didn’t magically got summoned in High apex), but rather because some hybrids are huge jokes balance-wise. Especially this one, also known as the creature that can win a duel while the player behind is AFK.


Indo gen 2 is important because it keeps (probably) the best creature in the game in check. Entelomoth loses to it, so it should remain as is. Also, it’s not JUST cautious strike. You have to use MF and evasive stance a lot of times.


Dioraja, Ardentis, Ardont, Entelomoth, Constrictor, prorat :nauseated_face:, gemini, porcus, and tarkus can all drop Indo2

I don’t know why it’s still perceived as uncounterable. Mine might be an unpopular opinion but I do think it’s fine. It could lose the speed up from CS since it has MF, but otherwise it’s got enough counters


Tarkus loses to it in an unboosted arena, but you’re right, it is counterable. You also have creatures like mammolania who win usually and then you have creatures like magna who BENEFIT from a sped up indo

Honestly just like I suggested, it should be worse statwise compared to the OG Indo. But way better moveset. Though the Cautious Strike need to be reworked, some want it to get rid of the speed up, while I want it to get rid of the distraction capabilities

I can live with it as is but would like to see either the speed up or the distraction removed from CS; more than that and you could wreck it

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IndoG2 is the most disproportionate, hateful, and stinking creature that has ever existed in this game. None have made so many people leave this game out of boredom and disgust, not even the rat. We can agree that Entelomoth is even worse, but unlike IndoG2 it is difficult to create and almost no one has evolved it. I have never faced an Entelomoth and constantly boiled around Indo2 30.

Many of us have said it and many of us have long waited for a nerf that has never arrived. Perhaps the next version after giving away tons of Blue t Trex2 this month and now directly Indo2 and Indominus2 is the occasion. If not, now that everyone will have a minimum IndoG2 of 29, many of us will ask again if it is time to leave the game. A game must be fun and create incentives not to cause frustration like this bad bug.


All of that is fine but no one or almost no one has an ardontosaurus, a spinoconstrictor, a porkus, or a tarkus because they are not viable creatures in the sand. Almost no one has entelomoth because it is incompatible with mammolania and is expected to be nerfed. Very few of us already have Diorajasauro because it is less and less viable in the sand. And yes, Ardentis Maxima is viable in the arena and can take down Indo2 … but it is very lonely.

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Strongly disagree that Diora is becoming less and less viable - it would be one of the last I would take off my team. Plenty of Dioras, Maximas and Geminis around. Seeing more of things like Porcus and Tarkus around now as people are ignoring the “perceived wisdom” now that tournaments give you a reason to.


I feel like i’m the only one who actually uses mutual fury. All other indo g2’s i face just spam CS until they can knock out my dino with DSR


Nope same here…and yup I did I used Indoraptor gen2 but I mean you kinda have to it’s just that good in both the meta and just battle wise.

But anyway I use MF when I’m slowed or Ik they can’t just attack me straight after like against a proRAT or a nemys

Dio is incredibly good. In a boosted arena, it’s probably behind tarkus and grypo. With ferocity and a precise counter, dio can do insane damage as well as stall if necessary. Dio is 100% viable


This feels more like bias than objective critique


It has countermeasures, but its miserable to fight if you don’t roll them. I guess I wouldn’t mind if IndoG2 stayed the way it was now. Would be nice if it didn’t have precise so orion could be a hard counter.

My Diorajasaur is one of the dinosaurs that I love the most and I will have a hard time replacing it but it is no longer a unique Top10, it is not even Tyrant, and it is increasingly in fewer teams. I meant that. Still, I agree that he is one of the few on my team who can beat Indo2, but not always.
Perhaps more Porkus and tarkus are beginning to be seen in high arenas and then take advantage of tournaments, but that will mean that the game continues to degenerate and that Ludia continues to corner the unique.

I know, Eduardo. I have not said that Dioraja is not viable, I have it in my team !!! What I have said is that it is less and less viable. If a year ago it was one of the best creatures in the game, now it is not a Top10.
What I wanted to say is that in that list of Indo2 counters that had been cited many were not viable in the arena and some like Dioraja, yes, but less and less.