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Indoraptor gen 2 buffed or nerfed?

The indoraptor gen 2 has supposedly been nerfed (it now has less attack, defence shattering rampage instead of definate and cautios strike now does precise damage) is that a nerf or a buff? Or is it the same?

Nerf…but it got less counters



(More words)

I think it’s a nerf it has now a lot more counters it basically what it should have been from the beginning but that CS is. The only thing holding it back from being balanced also

bringbackmaximasDefintive rampage.


Its more of a buffy-nerf or maybe even a nerfy-buff.

Lets just call it a Schrödinger’s Berf. It is both in a state of greater-than and lesser-than at the same time.


The change was an “on paper” nerf but the real reason was the remove possible counters.

More profitable if everyone uses it.

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Definitely nerfed, considering just itself. But maybe buffed considering its best counter Maxima lost definite rampage.

but maxima still beats indo2 most cases. i2 has to be very lucky and pray for God of Random to survive…

and against procerathomimus, it was just choose mutual and definite SMASH. now no more, procera just has to get lucky next turn with dodge and bye i2.

it’s a nerf. people complain about cautious be so annoying, but i2 itself was nerfed.


Ya and I get why people complain I mean 5 things in one come one but like ya over all I feel it’s a nerf and I feel like it’s good for the game and honestly if maxima gets definitive impact and say precise decelerating rampage I feel like there will be more counters which was the main problem with it actually I feel that was the only problem with these 4 ( Gemini, maxima, indo2, and proRAT) it’s that they didn’t have more than one or two counters

Definitely a nerf.

A nerf compared to what it was.
But still too strong for what it should be.