Indoraptor Gen 2 don't need NERF! 😐

This thing killed my team all by itself (destroyed the 4 creatures)!

(Random Guy): The fault is of the STAT BOOSTS!

Also, but stat boosts don’t have CAUTIOUS STRIKE!

In some fights, the opponent just uses that one move and wins (fair?).

(Random Guy [Again]): LEARN HOW TO FIGHT!

Sure, say it again when you encounter a creature like that with 2100 damage (maximum damage this thing can have).

I swear, if that thing isn’t nerfed in the next update … I don’t know if I’ll play in the arena again and / or much less play that game again!

Worst of all: (there are people who think it’s fair and defend the fact that this thing is B-A-L-A-N-C-E-D)

That’s my opinion, thanks for your attention.

I know that there are worse Indoraptor’s Gen2 than this … but I have reached my limit.

Every battle I find this thing! (I use this thing too, but mine at most kills 2 creatures and not 4).

I bet stat boosts cease to exist in this game, this creature will still be the most unbearable.

If you disagree, comment on a creature that wins this thing! (if there is anything that wins it …)


He never criticized!


You might be running into ticket-to-win creatures. These are the creatures that people cram all their boosts into and use them to sweep. If Indo gen 2 is a problem, I’d try working on dioraja. It works well against Indo thanks to the precise counter and superiority strike. Procerath is another good option.

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gemini,ardenstis and smilo win against him…
But well you know…
I won’t take into consideration anothers brokens things


I used it, but it died (my Prorat only used a Nullifying Strike)

Dioraja? I’m surprised. It looks like a really good hybrid!

I can’t believe I forgot Ardont and maxima. These 2 are great as their components can be farmed.


Here’s how the matchup should go
Turn 1
Pro: ES
Indo: CS/MF

Turn 2
Indo (now faster): Rampage (Miss)/CS
Procerath: Null strike

Indo gen 2 will lose from here as null strike+null strike+DR (missed) does about 4100 damage

These are standard levels (skill tournaments). NEVER start with strike with procerath

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I would really like to put Gemini and Maxima on my team … but I’m far from getting

Then, as I said earlier, use ardont. Great counter to Indo

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The problem is that the Indoraptor had 136 speed, and my Prorat had 133…

Thanks for the tip!

Then That can be an issue of course. For the Indos faster than your procerath, then ardont is the way to go if you can squeeze it into your team

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If Prorat is nerfed in the next update, I will use Ardonto and then Maxima

3 counters does not make a dino balanced.


If you wanna talk broken, talk about gemini. Indo gen 2 is tough to deal with, but it’s not broken in a skill tournament setting. It does need a bit of luck to win a couple matchups whereas gemini straight up wins


Completely agreed on Gemini. That thing badly needs adjustment.


Is Gemini strong? Haven’t seen it very well after your buff…

In regards to Indo gen 2, especially at lower levels, it can be a pain in the rear. However, there are counters that can be in these lower arenas like procerath, ardont, and even titanoboa. In upper arenas, Indo gen 2 starts to fall off a bit

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Yeah, I’ve noticed some top guys dropping theirs. I think that might be more of an issue of speed dinos generally becoming subpar due to the increased viability of dinos that don’t need speed boosting to be good, allowing them to focus on health and attack. Could be wrong, but I firmly believe cautious strike should not do everything it does.


It is only 100% countered by alloraptor and this is based off a prediction where gemini can still win. If it lands a crit on tryko, it wins. Gemini needs be toned down a bit

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If the creature has no nullifying strike, Cautious Strike throws the party…

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agree on gemini. do i want a nerf of her? no. But i can see the brokenness already, so for the sake of balancing her, yes bring on the nerf.