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Indoraptor Gen 2 God Dinosaur

Faced my first 2 Indoraptors Gen 2 in both Arena battle and Gold Incubator Challenges. I lost both !!
They have managed yet again to destroy game by creating a God Dinosaur.
It can Cloak and at same time attack you and Increase speed.
It can remove your cloak and dodge and do double Armour Piercing Damage.
It is fully immune.
Those of you who don’t have this Dino and face it in battle, at least death of your Dino’s is quick!


They don’t die… They just take a little sleepy sleep while bleeding all over the ground.


Don’t forget: cautious strike is distraction also :joy: oh I love the thing :heart:


I missed out it has 50 percent distraction whilst cloaking, in creasing speed and attacking you.

I wonder if it is both cloaked and dodged - what are chances of penetrating them and doing any damage - think about 8 percent, if they are cumulative !

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:joy: I loved when someone put that Tryk fainted when describing doing the strike this week, back on topic Indoraptor Gen2 Isn’t fully immune,it can be slowed I use it in my team at level 22 and I lose with it as much as I win it’s not unbeatable and it’s ingredients especially blue is very difficult for anybody to find now. yes they did have quite a few events with blue on the green stops amongst other things before, but as someone said at the time nobody new it was going to get a hybrid, so when it was paired with Something like Trex everyone was going to go for Trex because it’s an ingredient for a couple of good hybrids so not blue. I personally think it’s fine it’s easy to predict what someone using it is going to do so easy to come up with a strategy to take it out, But I wouldn’t worry to much we have had a couple of complaints about it so they will probably nerf it :+1:t2:

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Evasive Stance is not Cloak. And anyway, the dodge chances are not cumulative. The highest one is the only one counted. In this case, 75%.

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its called having a dino with nullifying
quetzorion does well


That’s what I was saying like most it has to be a higher level or boosted to be any good you boost or same level Orion, maxima or any other slowing Dino, also Magna, Erlindominus if you do your speed up first because it’s majority of the time guaranteed to do it’s basic first it is beatable if we keep crying nerf we end up with situations of players investing time and effort and sometimes money just for it to be for nothing. The only one I wouldn’t mind being nerfed is Draco mines 26 unboosted it’s not in my team now got bored with being able to just blitz teams with it, having a lot more fun now without it. I’m not as soar about it but I know it’s the bane of many players and detested more than Indoraptor Gen2 which is so much harder to create

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Maxima eats them for breakfast (took out the entire epic strike single handed); Magna is pretty good too.


Dilocherious can take it out ;0)


Yeah forgot about Dilorach👍🏻

Maxima is your friend it can slow it and bypass evasive strike.


No Dino can deal with it. If it survive two hits, it will destroy you.

Procera is a good counter to it.

Everyone keeps talking about Blue DNA being difficult to come by. Blue DNA is not that difficult to get thanks to sanctuaries. A good alliance and only needing 50 Blue per level = a good flow of Blue

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I also solo’d them with max lol good to know I wasn’t just lucky and the only one to pull that off


Procera only works if Indo has already buffed its speed, as a revenge-killer of sorts.

Blue is hard to come by compared to Indo G1 ingredients.

You can’t call something a counter if it’s harder to make. Indoraptor g2 is easy to make and level, in less than two weeks I’ve unlocked and leveled Indor g2 to 19 (yeah there has been an Epic Strike that gave away 200 free Indom g2 DNA and this week has been good for Indom g2, but I still would have gotten it to 18 on my own), Echo is a easy local spawn, T-rex g2 has been a glabal spawn and us now a daily (Friday) spawn, and Blue has been featured numerous times in events and Tournaments. Quetzorion on the other hand has Quetzalcoatlus a hard park spawn forever and now a local, it’s been featured in events but it’s been paired with other needed DNA like exclusive Arambourgiana, Ptaranadon is a park spawn, now a monthly reward so it’s more common, and Tany was a easy common but has been a park/daily spawn so it’s moderately rare.

T-Rex Gen 2 isn’t a Global spawn, it’s a Friday daily spawn.

Oh thanks! I thought it was global but I’ll update that.

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Actually, no. Indo G² can outspeed it.

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