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Indoraptor Gen 2 God Dinosaur

Can you explain how? Dilo has nothing that will nullify or pierce and it is immune to stuns and distraction. Would you use superiority?

You have to swap in Procera for the nullifying swap in and then use nullifying strike to keep the speed demon down and finish with rampage

It isn’t Evasive Stance , it is Cautious Strike which is 75 percent dodge, 50 percent distraction, increase speed and Cleanse in one attack.
Basically all abilities of most Dino’s in one attack - Overkill !

Only way to kill it, is to swap in Dino like the Rat (2 X drop in attack).

I’ll probably need 2 drop in Rats to ensure I can defeat this Dino going forward.

I didn’t mean Evasive Stance was overpowered, or did any of those things.
Anyway, there are ways to take out Indoraptor G2 without the rats. Just look it up in the new dinodex. Gemini, Tenontorex, Ardonto, etc do well against it. Try working on those.

Cautious strike need a Rework
remove the +10 % speed up and remove the cleanse ,IndoG2 Don’t need any cleanse,it should be the weapon of his brother.
or else,make cautious strike dealing to himself 33%Hp dmg of his own healpool and next ability deal -33%dmg

If you Swap in, you Nullify, agreed. If you don’t kill it with Procemimus’s Nullifying Strike, Indo G² can use Cautious Strike and again be faster. So…

I kill one easy once by swaping in Procera. Cannot remember the details lol

Well it seems like the only true counters of indo g2 is himself and geminititan.

My Gemini kills them easily if it’s not super higher level… Or in any case, one hit and rat.

AMax tends to stomp indo2 as well.

The most normal outcome from a battle between indo2 and maxima is the win of indo2.

Well as I have none of the new Dino’s you mention, and that means no DNA to create them, drop in rats it is !

I am playing with this dino on my team today. It is a big plus along with the others.

Add: And a team I beat with mine: Used - (Allo G2, Phorus & Bronto)
Opponent: Used- ( Diplovanator, Sarcorixis & DC)

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Tell that to the indo paste under AMax’s foot

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I have Indo Gen 2 on my team and she is a beast. At level 17 she is able to take out higher leveled dinosaurs.

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If you swap in Procera
a) after Indo G2 has used any attack, with the help of a move like strike/impact/rampage/regenerate-and-run,
b) during a Indo G2’s Definite Rampage(if you can survive the hit)/Evasive Stance,
then you can take Indo G2 out safely provided you can one-shot it.

I only referred you to the dinodex, and provided some of the best examples. Others do exist and I expected you to read it for yourself.
Tenontorex is far from new.
Remember, the dinodex matchups are 1v1. Certain creatures that lose to Indo G2 might leave it open to a revenge-kill, which is still good. Slowing creatures like (but not restricted to) Dsungaia can help, and creatures like Phorusaura (it has speed control, can boost its speed, and it has Instant Rampage) and Procerathomimus are also viable.

I am talking for Same lvl indo2 and maxima without boosts.

Maxima laughs when see Indo g2. :grin:

Dioraja and Tenontorex can take Indo g2 out too.

Mine is 21 and benched with other useless dinos. It’s too low lvl that would be useful in Library.


Indo g2 can kill same lvl Maxima only with two successful dodges.