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Indoraptor Gen 2 God Dinosaur

Am I the only one here who doesn’t think Indoraptor Gen 2 should get a nerf :sweat_smile:?


You and me pall😂

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Up top :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::joy:

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Realistically, not wanting this thing to be nerfed is only because a person is using it and beating things they should not be beating.

Just as the old boost system was allowing for imbalance, so does Indo g2.

Ludia is going to nerf it…its just a matter of time until enough people are playing it and have spent time to make before the nerf comes.

And honestly what is the argument for not nerfing it?

Nerf it: Nerf it because a lv 16 should not be able to defeat teams of lv 24+ with virtual ease. This is true…it screams of imbalance.

Don’t nerf it: Because it was hard to make? Other things are hard to make. Because you someone likes using it to win? We all like to win.

There just are not any globally applied reasons for everyone to keep this dino as it is.

Having said that, I hate it, and I have it.

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You sure are right as hell, I love my Indoraptor Gen 2 for being an absolute beast. Yea, she’s going to get nerfed one day, but I’m still going to enjoy every spare second she still has left unnerfed while going on a rampage and destroying everything :sweat_smile:.


Rightly so. Part of gaming is finding the exploit and beating it to death…that is how winners are made.

Its not abuse or anything, Ludia made the Indo g2 that way.

I say use it and beat everyone until they change it.

I still hate it…I still think its way OP. I still want the nerf. But, the phrase smoke 'em if ya got 'em comes to mind.

Rage on Indo G2, rage on. :slight_smile:

I think the only reason I disagree with a nerf is because, well, right now, they’re manageable with the right dinos. Most are still low level, and there are barely any in the library right now.

Not once have I seen mine on my team lineup, breathed a sigh of relief and thought “thank goodness, I’ve won this battle already”. She usually gets at least one dino taken out, but normally collapses on the next turn, even with boosts.

That being said, a lot of people I find panic when she arrives - they send out dinos mid-battle (Tryko is one that gets switched to often) and Indo2 rips through them, one by one until they’ve lost their team. It leaves me thinking about how they should have switched to x after y was beaten, and it would have taken out my Indo2. Instead… Yeah.

Of course I have no idea what it’s like in lower levels right now. Maybe in Aviary they’re a nuisance.

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No I actually agree with you :joy:

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Actually i don’t even have create yet indo2 so your 1st argument doesn’t apply to me. I have fight a few of them and it’s definitely a pain to beat bc my team average is 20 so when i come across lvl 19-20 indo2 i am like i lost. But i can take out lvl 16-18 indo2 relative with ease. I don’t like in general for dinos to get nerf bc then they become very easy to beat and i prefer a good challenge. The onlu dino i would love to get a big, huge, enormous nerf like poor monomimus is the rat.

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If you are able to easily take out indo g2 at almost the same level, then the people you are playing must not be very good. A level 16 can be dangerous to uniques, much less lv 20 legendaries. So maybe you are catching people who just haven’t figured out how to play it. As well, devs cannot forsee all aspects of what makes something OP and will sometimes only make something in a game OP to increase interest or sales. Like it or not, nerfs are just part of gaming culture. A challenge is good, but something being OP lessens the effort and value others have put in to their teams.

You probably are right about the people don’t know how to use it properly but how else would you play it. You start with cautious strike and then you go for the rampage. Which is predictably. Now for the nerf part yes it is part of the game but usually when a dino gets a nerf he becomes unusable. That’s why i am so against it.

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Mines 22 boosted a bit I’ve spread the boosts I had which wasn’t many amongst 7 of my 8 I’m not guaranteed a win when she’s on my team, I’m a F2P player at the 5200 trophy mark I’ve battled players that have used a variety of strategies or counter creatures to take her down so players are working it out, Boosts tend to be the problem how players have distributed them wether they have just placed a load onto a single creature.

That’s my problem with nerfs they tend to go overboard and I totally agree on it’s not hard to predict what moves are going to be used

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I agree over nerfing is bad too. I dont want to see indo g2 become worthless.

Ho… slow down there!
How did you bypass the filter?

My level 16 Indoraptor Gen 2 (0/1/0) killed a level 19 Tragodistis, level 22 Indoraptor, and left a level 19 Pirritator and a level 20 Indominus Rex at low HP… I definitely recommend you getting it asap lol.

I would love to but i need more blue DNA and after that echo so i can level him up.