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Indoraptor Gen 2 Is Coming!

I was going to write out what my thoughts are on this topic but that was going to be too much effort, so instead i’ll just post my newest video where I talk about the future of the Gen 2 creatures and do the new Jurassic World 5th Anniversary battle event (swear warning for any young en’s out there)

One that’s JWA, but if this keeps up, we will have indo2 soon

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Another good carnivore would be awful. In my opinion they should make Indoraptor G2 amphibious, although this will probably never happen.

that’s true actually, i think the best amphibian right now is gorgosuchus? There being no good amphibians doesn’t really affect me because once I get my level 10 Indoraptor i’m keeping everything else in my Jurassic bellow it’s ferocity, both out of respect for it and so i don’t get those level 20000 commons with like 10k health, but a good amphibian would be nice, maybe a superhybrid of ostaposaurus with therizinosaurus dna? it would be nice

yeah i know, i dont have a good photoshop tool so i had to use a JWA picture, a JWTG picture would’ve been stealing because they are all for peoples thumbnails, i even had a look

to everybody who didnt believe me: you, yes you reading this, are being laughed at!!