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Indoraptor gen 2 is here


It’s just my opinion, but it doesn’t exactly look as appealing as the Gen 1 Indoraptor. Just my opinion…

It looks much better in light,but I guess,OG was built for the dark. But could’ve looked better.

There is a max one on Facebook (not mine)

Best creature in history of JW:TG is still Yudon before nerf (14077, 4399)

Yudon is the ultimate carnivore of this game

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Either hacker or they just didn’t use their S-DNA for Indoraptor.

At least I now know what to do with my 26,000 Velociraptor SDNA. I started to level all my Indoraptors up to level 11, something I’m going to stop now.
Instead of that I can now make a full paddock of level 10 Indoraptor Gen.2.

Oh wait, I need a level 40 Indominus Rex Gen.2 first…Aaaaargh.


Like @Tommi above, I could make a Gen 2 indoraptor and pretty much max it out right now if I was so inclined. I have other uses for the resources though.

I am truly shocked this requires the same s-DNA as the original Indoraptor


Good shock or bad shock?

I personally like it. In the near future I will have 12 Indoraptors and 12 Indoraptors Gen.2. No one can stop me then.


cooldown will


So you say 12 Indoraptors and 12 Indoraptor Gen 2s will not be enough to stop the cooldown?

Level 10 Indoraptor has 1 day cooldown which is fantastic compared to its ferocity.


What is a level 1 cool down?

I do not know but you can surely find in @Mary_Jo’s spreadsheet.

It doesn’t have level 1 stats.

It is a ways off for me, so it doesn’t really mater. :slight_smile:

Of course, my fault. Sorry.

Level 1 indoraptor is around 15 hours or so. I expect Gen2 to be a hair longer.