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Indoraptor gen 2 on my team

I am grinding indom gen 2 as well as indom so I’m close to both indoraptor gens but closer to indoraptor gen 2. But do either have a place on my team?

Yeah over pyrri and sucho

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Hello. If you don’t mind me guiding the team.
I would like take out Sucho and Pyrry to put in Indo2 and Tragodis instead.

For future plans, you need to use Suchotator to work on making Thylocotator.
If it’s bleed-able, you can two shot it. Thursday is Marsupial Lion day.

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How did you get 150 darts?

Not to derail the thread, but just started this with my lvl 24 sucho… I prefer the look of sucho, but that lion kit!

darts will stack past 140 if they are purchased with hc or from incubators

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Oh yeah, and Indo2 for sure. Have used it in friendlies and it is a beast! I have indo1 and used both on my team for some battles.

There is a glitch where you open a 6 hour incubator when you have 130 darts leave the game and go back in about 15 mins or more later happens 1/3 times