Indoraptor Gen 2 Rework Idea

We all know Indoraptor Gen 2 is overpowered, especially with its easy to get ingredients. I think everyone that somewhat knows what the term balance means can agree that it needs a nerf. It can bypass armor, shields and evasion, evade, distract, speed up, boost damage, cleanse and is immune to the two most common negative effects. I’ve lately been thinking about a lot of ways to nerf it in a way that it’s still considered as a powerful creature, but not too overpowered. It’s Indoraptor after all.

Health: 3900
Damage: 1500
Speed: 128
Armor: 10%
Critical: 10%

-Long Defensive Strike
-Mutual Fury
-Precise Pounce
-Evasive Stance

Immune To Distraction
Immune To Stuns

The endless amounts of effects Cautious Strike deals is ludicrous. Getting rid of it entirely instead of nerfing is the best option in my opinion. Instead I replaced Indoraptor Gen 2’s Cautious Strike with the basic move version of Blue’s Short Defense. Precise Pounce comes from Blue again and is the replacement for Defense Shattering Rampage. None of its parents have a 20% critical chance, so I decreased it to 10%. I covered the loss of 10% critical chance up by giving it Blue’s 10% armor, and the loss of Defense Shattering Rampage by buffing its damage to 1500.

It’s still usable this way, but not to a point where it’s so overpowered that it can solo entire teams.


Could support this. I don’t think there is much actually wrong with Indo2, its just Cautious Strike that is ludicrous. Would be happy enough with just a couple of CS effects removed (particularly speed up), but this rework works pretty well too.

i like making g2 a defensive anti speedy. makes it stand out from the original while not being ridiculously op.

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Aparently the fusions should have similar moves of the ancestors not at all but, thats it

Nah i prefer the current kit, for me indos should be dodgy annoying offensive dinos with shattering abilities. I’d rather have a small nerf to cautious strike, though I’m not really using It

if Cautious Strike lost at least either the cleanse or the distraction it would be a lot easier to deal with the indoraptor g2