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Indoraptor GEN 2’s Question

Q: What’s Indoraptor G2 speed after it used Cautious Strike to raise its own then got decelerated. Then used Mutual Fury after that turn.

1st turn
IndoG2 : (128 speed) Used Cautious strike so its speed became 140.
Deus : hit it with Thagomizer.
Now IndoG2’s speed became 70 at the end of the turn.

2nd turn
Deus : Attac
IndoG2 : used Mutual Fury to cleansed Decelerating effect (back to 140 speed) then raised to speed by 10% more to become 154 at the end of 2nd turn.


Decelerating effect will reset Indo G2 speed to 128 again and Mutual Fury will make its speed become 140 at the end of 2nd turn.

First turn: 1x Speedup buff
Second turn: 2x Speedup buffs
Third turn: 2x Speedup buffs

Cause MF and CS speedup buff can only active 2 turns
“Turn” here is depend on Speedup user, not opponent.

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That’s not how it works. You add and subtract the percentages. Indo gen 2’s speed will be decreased by 30% after 2 cautious strikes (10%+10%-50%=-30%). The same goes with ferocity buffs and distraction


Base value * ( Total buffs + Total debuffs )

So as @ElEduardo

And here’s your answer:
1st turn, Indor Gen 2 will be
128 * (100% + 10% - 50%) = 128 * 60% = 76.8
2nd turn, will be
128 * (100% + 10% + 10%) = 128 * 120% = 153.6

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The speeds round up (so 77 and 154). And the second is true only if you are slowed for 1 turn or use MF

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You got it wrong. When Indo Gen 2 uses CS, it speed gets increase