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Indoraptor Gen 2 Stats Based on Irex Gen 1 and 2 Stats

I rex gen 2 has ~20.6% more health and ~1.54% less attack. If this is true for Indoraptor gen 2, here are its stats:

Health: 12255
Attack: 5220

It would have a higher ferocity than normal Indoraptor, like all other gen 2s.

Hmm nice i hope he needs same S-DNA
And maybe different animations

All gen 2’s cost the same DNA as the gen 1 so far.

I just hope they don’t do silly stuff like the old Gen 2 Fury events before the announcement of 65+ unlock i.e every event gives you just one individual. I hope Velociraptor Gen 2 S-Dna isn’t very hard to get,

It’s probably gonna be the same as regular s-dna and the cost is most likely gonna be the same as regular indoraptor

Some gen 2 cost more DNA

Besides the aquatics :/

Got Indominus Gen 2 in tournament.

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