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Indoraptor Gen 2 Unique

Will Indoraptor Gen 2 ever have a unique hybrid? Is it worthy leveling it up past level 20?

she will never get a unique hybrid. she is already a superhybrid and the end of the line for the indominous g2/ indo g2 line. You won’t be wasting dna or coin leveling her past 20.


what is the definition of superhybrid?

The theory UNTIL NOW is that you never make a new hybrid of a dinosaur that is already superhybrid. Of course, like so many others, this is an unwritten rule and can change whenever Ludia wants.

In my opinion, IndoG2 will never have a unique, but it may have a “super unique”, the new rarity that many of us have been waiting for a long time … but, of course, there is little chance of it.

Made of 3 elements. Like it goes with the 2 elements (Echo + rex g2) and the last element Blue, so 3 critters.

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a superhybrid is a hybrid dino made from another hybrid dino.
so indominus rex is a hybrid dino made from 2 non-hybrid dinos. And indoraptor is a superhybrid made from the hybrid indominus rex and velociraptor.

and i guess @xescot is correct. i shouldn’t have said she would never get a hybrid. There is a possibility of a higher tier above unique. Fuse at lv 25 and come out created at 26. but as of right now there isn’t any telling of that will actually happen. But i don’t believe the movie cannon and concept hybrids will get those fusions if they ever come around.


It won’t happen for a while because they would have to make a whole new rarity but also make new levels for every dino because only upgrading something 5 times isn’t enough.

I agree with the last comment. Furthermore, the “super uniques” may not have been created out of superhybrids either. They could be created for example from the merger of two legendary non-super hybrids (although this would violate another current rule: no hybrids are created from two hybrids) or from a legendary non-super hybrid and an epic non-super hybrid.

it is if they have their own tier above high tyrant. Uber tier. :laughing:
but yeah. increase of max level would probably have to happen. maybe go to 40?

Well, I think it is no coincidence that tournaments are played at level 26 and that is the base level of the game.

I do not know when they will appear and I do not know if I will have tired of waiting for them and will have left the game but I am sure that at some point a new “super unique” rarity will appear that:

  • Will have initial level 26
  • That its two components must have a value of 25 to start merging it
  • That each fusion will cost 50 unique, 200 legendary, 500 epic, 2000 rare or 5000 common.

Time will tell if I am right :slight_smile:

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@Qiew yes but it won’t happen for a while because hackers would have level 40 while most people would have level 20-30 so Ludia is probably waiting for more people to get to higher levels. I would say it will happen in 1/2 to a year. I think it will happen tho in the endgame.

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The talking about “superhybrids” reminds me of this scene
“But what could be greater than a unique?”
“A Super Unique”


Magnificent or Ultimate

If Jwa last for 8 years like JP Builder, then I predict being able to level dinos up to 70, maybe 100 since it is way more fun than JP Builder if it solves it problems so it will most likley last longer.

What colour would they use to a ultimate hybrid?
I think purple or Black would fit well

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But it would be a super rediculously hard 5 levels.

The coin yes, but it would only be 1,000 dna . . . 1,000 very hard dna