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Indoraptor gen 2 vs Ardentismaxima

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Bug Description: cloak still on

Area is was found in: battle PVP

How do you reproduce the bug: Indoraptor 2 had just been brought in. finished off my Stegodeus with cautious strike. I bring in Ardentismaxima.
Step 1- Indo moves first with defense shattering rampage.
Step 2 - Ardentismaxima strikes with decelerating impact.
BUG - Indo2’s cloak is still present and full hit doesn’t happen.

How often does it happen: First time I’ve noticed that.

What type of device are you using: iPhone 11

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Are you sure the Indo G2 didn’t go priority evasive stance?

You had probably slowed Indo before and it went second, So after killing Stego it therefore still had evasion when Max came in.

Yes, sure of it

Correct, it had evasion cloak when Ardentismax came in but white his next move, being first move, he should have lost it after using rampage move. You don’t get cloak for 2 turns.

Did he go second before maxima came in?

If Indo2 acted second when he finished Stego or you swapped to sacrifice Stego, Indo still gets his evasion on first turn against Maxima

First of all, let me get something straight once and for all


Cloak grants a 75% dodge chance that lasts a max of 2 turns and also make your next attack do double damage. It is removed by definite and nullify

Evasion grants a 75% dodge chance for 1-3 turns depending on the move and DOES NOT grant extra damage. Evasion is removed by definite or nullify

Now to this mess

In the above example, Indo2 had to have used evasive stance because he had dodged for 2 turns, if he used mutual fury before killing Stegod, he most likely used evasive stance before getting slowed down, or if stegod went superiority strike after the ES, indo2 would be faster and still have dodge, hence the maxima play

If he didn’t go ES but stegod still used superiority strike, then he’d be faster and still have dodge

He said he’s sure he didn’t use ES, so the only possibility is the evasion from CS. So Indo2 probably acted after his move, that’s why it had the dodge for Maxima

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