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Indoraptor GEN 2 vs Indoraptor

Indoraptor GEN 2 is one of the best dinosaurs right now and you can not fight agaisnt it, you have more probability to win if you have it and if you don’t have that one you have use more than one dinosaur to bring down it. In addition, is better than Indoraptor and this one is unique, how can it be possible? Indoraptor GEN 2 has a lot of more abilities than the Indoraptor. My recommendation will be switch the abilities between these two dinosaurs.

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It is vulnerable to slow. My opinion is that the second generation, or rev. 2, should be an improvement over the first generation.

This is how manufacturing and science generally works. You don’t make a 2nd gen to be worse than the original.


Dimetrodon Gen 2 is better than Dimetrodon Rare?

Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2 is better than Tyrannosaurus Rex Epic?

This fact that Generation 2 is better than the original does not exist (it can be better or worse).

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IndoG2 is more difficult to make than Indo 10 times over. It should absolutely be better. Indo is a starter unique.


monolorhino was supposed to be a starter unique. now it kinda got monominimused.


Lol but with an ingredients like woolly rhino, it doesn’t really fit that role either way.

I didn’t say all iterations come out improved, I suggest that they should.

It technically is a starter unique now that rhino is in the wild. Only issue is that it’s so bad it’s not worth bothering with, especially when Indo and Thor are both better than it AND easier to make.

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can agree there. i think it may be the only creature that i refuse to make before anything else.

I understand your point but the thing that I want to say is why the Indo GEN 2 is better than Indoraptor? That question is because the Indo GEN 2 is legendary and Indoraptor is unique, the unique one has to have more abilities because is UNIQUE It’s like you have one rare and it has a lot of more abilities than an epic or legendary

it is made with harder to obtain ingredients. in terms of strength the rarer the ingredient, the stronger the dino. Both are super hybrids so the one with better ingredients will be better.


If history is a past indicator, it would suggest the reasoning is that people will invest heavily into the overpowered creature. See also: Dracoceratops and Monomimus. I believe it should survive at least another update cycle in current OP form, more likely two or more…

If we’re speaking in terms of lore indo g2 should be better than indoraptor but your correct in the sense that it’s a legendary and the others a unique therefore the unique should be better but also like i said before according to jurassic world lore Indo gen2 should be the better one

Yes barely.

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