Indoraptor Gen 2!

Love this one. Might even try to put it in the team!


Hey there! Can you show us the moves as well? Thanks!!

@MattEllis, here you go!


Thanks @deepwrinkle!!

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Me not happy.

Have no more echo dna. So I won’t unlock it till Tommorow

me too i don’t have echo dna

With some boosts that thing will be a killer

L1 life! I’m out of Blue now though, so it’ll be a while before I can get him to team level.

I stuck Blue in a Sanctuary earlier today. Silly me. I’m gonna have to wait 1d17h to find out if I can make her now.

Now if only the Dodges would stack this would be one of the top dinos.

Got it

And now boosted itScreenshot_20190910-181719


I’m calling mine the White Walker. I was able to get it up to level 18 before I ran out of Blue, I had saved boosts for a few weeks so I think I have it at tier 4/5 for most stats and she’s holding her own fairly well. My normal team level is about 22-24. I swapped her in for Monostego.

It does a lot of damage with Mutual Fury active and it gets a crit.

That’s with no boosts. Pretty good for a lvl 16.


Mutual fury seems good against low lvl dinos or in lower arena. But would you dare to use it in higher arenas against highly boosted Thor, erlidom, indo g1, dilo, magna etc. Highly doubtful if it’s useful in higher arena except against couple of dinos

Only time will tell honestly. Its got decent health.

Even if not, its still a good mid level dino.

Agreed it’s a good mid lvl dino.

Cautious strike does WAY too much things : cleasing, speedboost, dodging, distraction. Compensated by mutual fury, which i nearly consider a troll move (good luck finding a way to not kill yourself after using it)

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Only once Mutual Fury was used against me on a friendly and I killed Indo thanks to it :joy:

Seems like a very specific move for when you’re facing a low damage tank or something like that… Too risk to use in most situations. Even if you’re able to take a hit from the opponent to take it down in the next turn, there’s always the possibility of rats…