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Indoraptor Gen 2

I’m not sure if they plan on making a tier of dinosaur higher than Unique, but if they do than I have a great idea (in my humble opinion) of an awesome hybrid.

In Fallen Kingdom the Indoraptor prototype is made with a combination of basic Raptor dna and I-Rex dna. However, the plan was to make a better, more effiecient version using Blue’s dna. So I was thinking it’d be cool to have that better version in the game as Indoraptor Gen 2. We could fuse either the I-Rex or Indoraptor with Blue to make this new dino. Not sure which combo would be more fun, but it sounds like a fun gameplay thing to me.




Gonna just be honest and say that I don’t know what you mean.

Double nope

Why not? Sounds like an interesting direction to go to me.


ive thought of that before. then have indo learn different moves but still have evasive. like a line of all the different raptors.

^^triple nope

I’d totally be for a new level of dinos, but then again I’m only level 10. So I haven’t messed around with the upper tiers of dinos that much.

We don’t need a tier higher than unique.

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maybe a boss/God tier. i proposed something like that. where the Boss/God would take two spots on your team. so in a battle it would be two dinos plus a boss against the opponents 4 for example… ofc the Boss would have to be op.

I like that idea. It’d be a good way to compensate for having a dino that powerful.

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No. Using the rules of the game it would start at level 26 and then you’d barely be able to level it all. Also just sounds dumb because you know more of them will be implemented and it’ll just be one big case of power creep…

But for those folks who are at levels 26 and higher, I’m sure variety would be nice.

It’s better to add updates that cater to more of the playerbase rather than just the top 1%. Very few people out of the thousands that play have level 25+ dinos. While the top 1% should have things that are catered more towards them, there should be plenty of content for people who are however far away from making it that high.

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I support your ideas.

It should be Indorap Gen Alpha. Not Gen 2 (I think).

Besides, what the game needs now is a team of dinos which are “indispensable”. Currently we have few - I declined to name them. So the Devs should create another few - while at the same time nerf their counters (the Devs have been doin a great job so far to nerf the counter dinos i.e. Monomimus and Stegod).

By doing so, we will have a clear separation of players in the game; the whales with be clearly at the top (a group of elites) and members of Elite Alliances. On the other hand, most of us will be sitting right at the bottom.

To a certain extent, it has already happened now (from my observation). The creation of group of elites who don’t really socialize with the lower ranked players (not our standard, sorry…).

Besides, changes made to the trophy setting system recently has significantly help those whales enjoying their teams better - now our team becomes their dinos breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are battling among themselves and talk in the forum among themselves - about their battling experience among each other in the forum? :joy:… How’s that appropriate?

Anyhows, I believe that at the end of the day, the Devs will be the one who benefits the most - they’ll be generating loads of money; by introducing new dinos which are so costly to fuse and level up, but are indispensable in each and every meta.

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I can agree with the idea of it being called Gen Alpha or even Alpha Gen, has a nice ring to it.

Also, as a mostly free to play person (I’ve bought the occasional $5 incubator and two or three level up offers) I understand that I’ll most likely never get to own the Indoraptor Alpha Gen. However, it would give me a great goal to work toward.

They could even have some strike events with just this dino in it or people to have a shot at bringing it down. I’d love the challenge.

Lol at all the haters this idea is fire, awesome & like the greatest!!! there already a new tier on metahub why not the perfected Indo rap(using blue)???

As much as this sounds, how much remaining dna do we have on blue after leveling it up to 25?

Who powers up a raw wild Dino past fusing limits before it has a hybrid??

No its just a bad idea, it would unbalance the game even more, indoraptor Is already tyrant tier.
Also It would cost 500 blue DNA (lol) and 50 indo DNA (or 200 indom) for each fuse, this means that even p2w players would have a very hard time getting It, let alone f2p players that already struggle to get regular indo.
The game already has tons of bugs, tons of creatures without Hybrids, missing features and you want a new rarity tier? LOL, Just lol.