Indoraptor Gen1 needs to be better

Indoraptor Gen1 seriously should be good again. I mean come on, it’s a movie star. Yes I know Gen2 is kind of busted, but I know how we can balance the two indoraptors!


3900 Health
1500 Attack
128 Speed

Percise Piercing Strike
Cleansing Impact
Defence Shattering Rampage
Evasive Stance
(Immune To Distraction)
(Immune To Stuns)

With this, Gen1 is better at handling tanks. What do you guys think?


I think Indo G1 has already been made great again. But if you really want it to become Tyrant then I guess why not…


I don’t think gen 2 should be so much stronger than the unique. It could do with a move change, maybe cautious strike when if the move is needed.


Anything that improves my favourite hybrid gets my vote but saying that, I don’t struggle that much with tanks. I’d rather have an immunity to slow added instead of a damage boost.


I’d say indoraptor gen 1 is in a good spot right now with the buff evasion got, if anything it’s immunity to distraction and stuns have made most of it’s former counters worthless in the arena now.

Indoraptor is fine.


If your gen2 who is a lower rarity is better than you I think you could use a buff.


Indo is balanced now. It’s one of few creatures that can be used unboosted.


Indo gen 2 is only better due to it’s basic move, aside from cautious strike it’s only got 20 points less damage than it’s unique counterpart.

Would still argue both versions are a bit too strong given their current immunities and the buff they got with the evasion rework, unless your lucky enough to have a high leveled nulifier that can either out speed it, slow it down and kill it before it can get off a rampage or cleansing move then it’s gonna hide behind it’s 75% dodge mechanic and chew through your team.


Agreed. They can give the Indos a little bit of health back if necessary, but I think each one needs to lose at least one of the two Immunities.

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My thoughts exactly, losing either one of those partial immunities would improve the viability of other creatures in this meta.

So they were able to revise and produce the next generation Indoraptor in a more efficient process that yields higher performance. The new version is better and easier to obtain through more efficient production methods.

This is exactly how technology works, people.

Don’t think it needs anymore buffs. It’s already stupid good with Evasive Stance being reliable and it’s 2 random immunities.

Well sorry damn. I just wanted to balance the two Indoraptors, by making Indoraptor Gen1 an anti tank, one thing it has over Gen2, while Gen2 is still superior.

And it’s immunities aren’t random, Indomimus rex has FULL immunity. So technically it’s got a weakened immunity. Also why do you hate dodgers so much?

Indo G1 isn’t bad - and is on my team - but if I was going to remove someone it is probably next on the chopping block … just needs a little something more …

Indoraptor absolutely does not need a buff or a nerf.

It’s balanced. Look at the Tyrant or Low Apex and below dinosaurs if you want to buff / nerf something.

High and Mid Apex dinos are mostly balanced, leave them alone.

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I think Gen 1 is pretty balanced. Gen 2, IMO, is definitely a bit too powerful for being only a Legendary counterpart :unamused:. Although, I think it’s easier to level up Indoratpor than Indoraptor Gen 2, at least for me.

Anyways, I only have one Indoraptor on my team, and it is the original one. :sweat_smile: