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Indoraptor Gen1 needs to be better

Again, #NedSpeaksTheTruth




Indominus has fully immunity for balance. Being able to stun through cloak is lame. Indo lacks this issue.

I don’t hate dodgers, I just don’t think Indo should be buffed anymore.

Indoraptor is completely fine in my opinion. If anything has showed us it’s that indo is probably the strongest dino in its tier (high apex) and is pretty much borderline tyrant. Maybe a buff to cleansing impact would be nice though :slight_smile:

Its balanced. Gen 1 indo can be run unboosted on any given team. Thats what i like about.

I run with Indoraptor gen 1 and think it’s fine as it is too.

If anything it’s a wee bit op with the 3 turn evasive which more often than not gives it the chance to do 2 DSR.

With no opportunity to stun or distract it it’s as good as anything else in my honest opinion.

Don’t get me started on Indoraptor gen 2 which is simply ridiculous with its CS that does pretty much everything in one move


Welcome back,it was a long time

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I don’t understand why the Indoraptor got it’s attack taken. It was fine, now it’s worse than it should be. It also is quit a bit worse than it’s G2, thats fine and makes sense except

  • They’ve said strength was based on rarity, I don’t want to hear that anymore.
  • They nerfed OG Indoraptor to make G2 better, this wasn’t necessary. Just make IG2 better from the beginning.

I’m fine IG2 being better but CS NEEDS FIXED.

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I think Indoraptor G1 is nicely balanced, but I’d still be happy to see it get slightly tougher. I like the idea of having as large a tyrant list as possible. By all means, stretch the possibilities for the endgame!
I like the precise attack idea. That makes evaders a little easier to work with.
I think 1500 attack is slightly too high. I’m thinking of all the 3000 HP dinos that would be one-shotted in friendlies by the rampage.

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Once again#Nedspeakththe truth

Although it’s actually harder to lvl gen1 than gen2

See the difference is gen1 you need it above or at team lvl for it to work

Gen2 you could put it even at 16 and it can reck everything

My version tho would be this

Indoraptor gen 1

Health: 3,650
Attack: 1,500
Speed 130
*Crit: 20%
Passive: immune to stuns and immune to swap-prevention.


  • Armor-piercing strike
  • Cleansing Impact
  • Definite rampage
  • Evasive Impact (only dodges for two turns like cloak but does damage in favor of boosting attack)
    Swap-in dodge

The thing is 1.5k is manageable and easier to counter if no immunities are present as so behold above⬆️

Please don’t try to make the easiest unique on the game a tyrant, enough that we have proecerat.

Indo g1 is perfect right now.

No that’s thor, tura, and stygidaryx

Indo takes work cause you have to fuse indom which take trex and raptor then you have to lvl up raptor to 20, then while also using raptor dna lvl indom to 20 then use using 2k raptor every pop to unlock it. Then you have to do the same to lvl up.

So saying it’s the “easiest to make”is not true it’s actually the most frustrating :joy:

While spyx and magna exists how can you say indo is the most frustrating to make XD

Also you have tons of events with rex and velociraptor supaeasy man

No those are hard to make, indo is frustrating cause you have to use the same Dino dna in every step. It’s like the equivalent of fusing pyroraptor to make pyrotator them having to lvl that up to then use to fuse magna all while also having to use that same dna to lvl up tator

You comparing me velociraptor with irritator how you dare​:laughing::laughing:

I mean it takes

To get raptor to lvl 20 then you have to balance that with getting indom to lvl 20

Lol that why I think erlidom is way easier to make