Indoraptor Glitch


So I went to catch my Indoraptor DNA and after my 1st dart the game glitch out and would not let me shoot a second dart at him. It was glitching and sending my target all over the map. This seems outrageous and I am hoping that there is something Ludia is doing to make up for it. I can reliably get to 200+ DNA on common dinosaurs, and was expecting to get at least 75-100 DNA from the Indoraptor. How do I get in touch with them directly about this issue?


Honestly…it’s a unique, I find it incredibly hard to believe you’d get anywhere near 100 DNA for the indoraptor…I’m not saying that to be rude, it’s just the truth. Also Ludia won’t do anything about the glitch because they don’t care…it’s the sad truth that I’ve been trying to tell people for ages. They only care about the money


I got 26 for two shots, and I normally average 11 shots before time runs out. I could easily have hit at least 75. It just seems intentional to prevent people from getting this dinosaur too quickly. No other catch has glitched for me to date.


Sorry to hear that happened to u…ik how u feel it happened to me when i was catching a trex…but i have to agree with the other person u probably wouldn’t have gotten 70 dna for him


I have the same bug after 27 dna -.-“ . It’s so annoying i hope they will fix it somehow so it won’t happen again .


What do you normally average on epics? What level are you? 26 for two shots is great but I still only see you getting around the 50ish mark, because from what I’ve seen and read he’s really quick. It’s a unique so it’s going to be the hardest to capture naturally


You really believe that’s a glitch? It looked more like an ability for it in the game.


Epic I get 80-150 DNA on an average run. I did Indoraptor on my son’s level 4 account and got 29 DNA. He gets 5 DNA for a perfect hit (legendary), and I got 5 perfect and one bad shot before it glitched for him. I get 12 DNA on a perfect hit (legendary), so if I had managed that on my account it would have been 65ish DNA. That is with only six shots, and on epics I usually get off 10-11 shots.

I know it’s a free gift and I shouldn’t be this upset but no other dinosaur has ever glitched like that for me. I just find it impossible that the only dinosaur the has a glitch is the super rare one time only gift.


Got 30 dna on indo then screen looked like it was being hacked movie style and drone was moved to other side of map.

1 attempt with glitch screen Dino is pretty lame.


Did this to me too after 3 darts… ended up with only 20…


Did it to me too, but instead of thinking it’s a glitch, I assumed it was a purposeful game mechanic…like in the movies when a high ranked dino glitches the surveillance cameras…i think it was on purpose and u shouldnt be able to get 100 on a unique dino.


Omg i had the SAME glitch happen. Makes me think this wasn’t a glitch. My whole screen flashed and moved my map far away. I lost over half my time from the glitch even with vip. I only got 22 dna. I also was hitting my darts ontop of the middle circle and not getting direct hits that clearly were (I’ve had way worse misses that still gave me directs on other dinos).

Just further proof of ludias scams.

Don’t spend money on this game! Check this post for proof:


The same problem here with camera glitch. It’s so annoying and disappointing


You really thought you could hunt him until “time runs out”? lol

He escapes at about half battery. More than 50 DNA is almost impossible. And your Glitch might be his Cloak ability. XD


I could hit him till he escaped. I mean, I could hunt him till my battery died, not because he ran away