Indoraptor immunities are to powerful

Being immune to distraction and stun made so many dinos just useless in a lineup, the only thing that affect them now is slow and the dinos that do that are destroyed by his rampage. It’s basically top dino in the game with no real counters since it also has a cleanse strike doing 1.5 damage and they are almost the fastest in game. Like I feel like I’m being trolled by ludia. You basically have to have one now or your at a massive disadvantage

Can Tenontorex hit it with Superiority Strike and then try to rampage it? Though if it dodges, that will be a waste.


hehe… wait until you see indoraptor gen2.


I don’t use one. Indoraptor isn’t a very big threat to my team. It’s very easy to take out with raw damage output.


i usually take it out fairly easily with indominus rex, erlidominus aswell as my own indoraptor

Unless you get lucky and can rampage crit it with a high damage Dino on the first turn your basically sacrificing a Dino and a half to it

Tany still thinks that they’re delicious


How are you pulling off a 3.5k plus hit with the Indo Rex on the first turn unless you can demand crits

Am I missing something if it’s faster and you can’t kill it on the first hit then your still dead?

i cloak + rampage, DUUH

Wanna know how many I’ve run into faster than it?

Lol if only cloack ever worked for me. I never use it now I NEVER works literally

and when did i ever say anything about taking it out on just the first turn?

Well I must be very unlucky then because I’ve fought many of them at your speed or higher and my dinos are 21-23 so it’s not like I’m throwing out 2 hit kill damage, even if it didn’t kill my Dino on the second hit.

Screen shots?

What Arena are you in? I’m in upper Aviary with a lvl 25-27 team. Not a place for lvl 21-22s

What’s your team? It doesn’t sound like you have very many fast dinos to handle it.

what do you mean by “your” (i am guessing you mean my) speed?

Anky likes them too.

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I’m 4800 lol

Yea higher than 156 speed