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Indoraptor immunity

Why would indoraptor not be immune to evrything he will be a beast and i love this creature


If I was Ludia, I wouldn’t want it to be broken

Because indoraptor is easy to create and level up

It easy to create and that why

Because Ludia would probably give it to Indo G2 too and you really don’t want it to happen

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He has high attack, high hp, evasive moves and a shield shattering rampage, on a completely immune creature that moveset would be broken.

It had complete immunity when it came out, but they changed it because it would be too OP. Especially since it’s so easy to make

Really? When was it? I play since may '18 and I don’t really remember immune Indo

Oh wait, maybe I remember it. He had Cloak, didn’t he?

That’s correct. Indoraptor formerly have Cloak, but now changed it to Evasive Strike just to make it balance