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Indoraptor in 2.1

I feel like the hp getting increased to 4200 is actually really good for it. Do any of you think it could it be a viable pick for this patch?


Well, I can say for myself that it’s not finding it’s way back onto my team.

The HP is nice but what really destroyed it was the loss of DSR.


Staying benched for me, the HP buff doesn’t give it any more life than before.

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Still bad.

This. It needs that back to be worth playing again seriously.

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No, because nothing was changed in regards to resilient moves, and there’s still no shield breaking move.


My team has no issue with handling shields since a majority of them have a way to handle them. I think the only creatures on my team that dont have ways to beat shields are Sarcorixis and Diorajasaur. Though im thinking of benching Rixis and putting in Indoraptor instead. Again, cuz shields are covered for the most part and a bunch of bulky dinos on my team

excatly, even though I’ll keep mine due to high lvl I won’t boost her as crazily as before (and yes I know its a ale but I DONT CARE)