Indoraptor in epic incubator from strike event?

Why thank you Ludia. 1 whole DNA.


:laughing: love the sarcasm

Handy for the people who have xx9😂


trick for 99% of us, treat for 1% :jack_o_lantern:
i am 0/250 so trick for me if i get 1


Wasn’t expecting any unique DNA so I saw the green and went AAAAAAHHHHHHH and then…classic jwa letdown


Hahahaha…1 indo dna…time to celebrate!

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Exactly the same reaction as you :joy:

Me perhaps?


Does getting 1 unique dna mean you miss out on something else or is it an extra one? Like I got 7 things in mine which was 1x coin, 2x common, 2x rare, and 2x epic. Those that get 1 dna for Unique or Legendary does that mean you get 8 things, or you miss out on one of the others?

Definitely you😂


YES! Would love this :sweat_smile:


You can have 1 too😂
Now if only i can get 226 out of my incubator…


I could’ve done with that mine is a random 9 too :sweat_smile: I did get like 300 T. rex though :slight_smile:

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It is extra: 2 common, 2 rare, 2 epic, 1 legendary/ unique though not sure if you get less epic dna. Like if you were supposed to get total 300 epic dna given to 2 different dinos and got only 270 because of that unique, that I do not know.

I got gorhosuchus dna instead of indoraptor can’t remember how much

1 is always better than 0.
We should be grateful. Always.


Lol… in most cases yes, something is better than nothing.
But for almost 100% of players, that 1 indo DNA is equally as useful as 0 :man_shrugging:t4:

Lmao… yes @TyrannosaurusLex and @Heather , I’m hoping instead of the rest of us, you two get that 1 indo :joy: … it’s be like getting 10 indo DNA, not a bad deal :t_rex:

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Oh wow. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

2000+ allosaurus
3000+ velociraptor
200+ gorgosaurus
300+ spinosaurus
324 gorgosuchus
34 T. rex

More T. rex would’ve been nice, but gorgo is on the forever team so no complaints

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I wasnt playing yet when the Indoraptor darting thing happened so I don’t have uneven Indo DNA. I don’t need the 1 haha. And I already did it, got Rex and Gorgo.

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