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Indoraptor in the map: which will the next unique?

Hey there! Today there Is the indoraptor (unique dinosaur) which will the next one? Say your opinions in the comments.


I don’t think there will be a next one for a while.

i don’t think there will be another one until halloween, and then it will be either:

  1. Indoraptor, again… which i seriously hope it is, because then i can get even closer to leveling up my indoraptor to level 25, aswell as save as much velociraptor dna as possible for leveling up my erlidominus to level 25 too.

  2. Diorajasaur, which i guess i also kind of want aswell because i haven’t unlocked it yet, but again, i prefer indoraptor instead, because i have a lot more use of him

  3. thordor, which i absolutely hope it’s not, because i absolutely hate that thing, or atleast when it’s super mega hyper boosted, like pretty much 95% to 99% of all thordors in this game are, and i personally refuse to become a super mega hyper boosted thordor using normie, and i also seriously don’t want to start fighting against super over leveled thordors aswell just because that digusting thing gets featured during halloween event

so my number 1 choise for the unique who will be featured in halloween is indoraptor, so that i can level it up to level 25, or atleast get as close as possible to leveling it up, and also spend as little velociraptor dna as possible on indoraptor and instead save my velociraptor dna for erlidominus so i can level that thing up to level 25 too

and in case it’s not indoraptor, my second choise is diorajasaur, simply because i haven’t unlocked it yet

and in case it’s neither of them, it’s obviously thordor, in which then i am just gonna puke in disgust

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Hng!!! If i hadn’t missed the last shot, I probably would have leveled it up! Back on topic, I think it will be Erlidominus for the Halloween theme.

no it won’t be, we already had a poll or whatever for the halloween theme, erlidominus was not there at all, i don’t think erlikosaurus was there either. the only 3 uniques you could choose between was indoraptor, diorajasaur and/or thordor

Ah didnt remember what was there…Indoraptor then