Indoraptor incoming!

I finally decided to make the jump in ferocity and add Indo to the lineup this morning.
Fused my Indoms to lvl 40, took him for a quick walk in the tourney, then said goodbye to him for now.
Insta fused Indo and figured whats better than 1 Indo how about 4?
So I speed hatched 3 more.
Also fused 2 of my 4 Metria’s up, took a Gorgo and a few S-Hybrids to lvl 20 and added a few lvl 30 VIP’s to add some backup for the Indos.
Now the journey begins to add alot more depth between the lvl 30 VIP’s and Indoraptors!


I see you don’t have many hybrids amphibians…
I recommend these 3.


I have them
Just at lower levels currently.
Lvl 30 Koola
And a couple lvl 20 Ostapo’s(will probably bump to lvl 30 pretty soon)
Aswell as a paddock full of Diplosuchus I’m gradually leveling up
Gonna work on adding more Segnosuchus to have atleast a couple in the lvl 15/16 range first
Then see how the lineup stands up and what holes I need to work on


Saw this late, congrats my man ! How’s the progress to fill that gap ?


By the look of it, I see mine’s are all set for a couple of IRaps already. They are gathering strength right now, it’s been two long days for them with full of PvEs and PvPs so I’ll let them rest till tomorrow before a visit. :sweat_smile:

But happy to see this thread, became so useful for me to finally have the courage owning them and seeing where will they place in balance.

I’ll be revealing my top 20 and waiting for your thoughts for one last check before taming the untamable. :wink:

Congrat’s once more @Cvratz1. It’s another level on your game and as of now, you are officially an end-game player. Other baddies should be on the way.:v:t2:

Pachygalo, Cerazino, Yudon, Armormata, PteraQ, Dracocera, Chroma, Scorpio…

“Welcome to the era of Titans! Behold and gather yourself for the uncontrollable powerrr!”

Meanwhile, @Sionsith


I also wanna make a kind request. Would you please share the cool down period of those lvl 1s once you took one of them for a test drive? :slight_smile:

Feeling excited already. :thought_balloon:


Not sure on level 1 but a level 10 indo has a day cooldown, so a level 1 will be considerably less at over 1500 less health, I dont really go by hrs anymore with my creatures, if anything has a day cooldown then that’s already great for me lol.


The level 1 cooldown is right at 16 hours.


I’ve added a few of those guys; a couple Cera’s and unlocked Scorpius and Draco last week(still need to add another of each to get them above my lvl 30 VIP’s


Its definitely a process and takes some time and resources to get stuff at or above the lvl 30 VIP ferocity range.
But I’ve managed to add some depth and have stuff I hatched out last week waiting to be fused up.
So far almost all of my PVE’s have become more manageable, including F4F and Shareholders

How its looking so far from the Indo’s to just below my lvl 30 VIP’s


See the logic behind, if you can use it for the other day it’s all ok. Nice. :crown:

Thank you man, really useful info, 16 huh? Whoa, so very practical. I have the components for those newbies, but sadly I was way behind the schedule fusing up the three mains, Gorgo, Segno and Metria. So couldn’t afford the time and resource for the ones ypu mention. Would be so nice to have them too, but the prices… Oh man, flaming pockets after you buy a bunch. :sweat_smile: @Cvratz1

But hey you know what? I’ve checked the chart and seen that the game allows you to have lvl 30 both for IRaps at max if you wanna keep the balance at your top. Following others barely reach the same ferocity when they are maxed out, starting from Armomata as being the third strongest.

Beyond lvl 30, is playing with fire. :volcano:

At least before an amphibian hero shows up. :zap:


Very similar top between us two, I think you will notice the gap in my second 20 in terms of amphibians so I am planning to fill it by fusing up my two elusive VIP 30s, to 31: Presto and Mastodo. Then I’ll be good to go I think.

But as to say yet again, I need your ideas first.

I’m planning to add only 2 of 'em Gen1s at this current stage. By the time my top gets crowded with more of the other classes then I consider adding more plus adding levels. Tomorrow you’ll see why, but my top now is a “land of couples” of each class and dominated by the gorgeous amphibians with charisma. :crown:


Yeah the cost of the newer hybrids definitely burns thru the DNA stash very quickly.
And when you have Indo’s it makes every tourney hybrid Carno’s more of just a bonus rather than a necessity. So it makes you second guess spending the DNA on them even more.


Hmm then you go for birdies and herbies since the Gorgo is the only other option. Armormata and Dracocera should be your new favs I think. :wink:

Carnis for the collective purposes.


I definitely think anyone who does it should do atleast 2 right away.
Personally doing the 4 instantly has worked out great for me.
If I have a tougher run in a particular event being able to anchor each battle with an Indo if necessary makes it a relief. And with having 4 I don’t have to worry/debate about using 1 or saving it for something else.

I’m actually planning on adding Gen 2 very soon and will do the same thing when I fuse it by speed hatching 3 more.

For amphibians I’m definitely debating on bumping my Masto to 31.
Also have another pair of lvl 10 Gorgo’s to fuse up and gradually working on bringing Koola up to 31+.


He is desperately needed, that’s for sure… already at 18 indo surpasses gorgo :tired_face:


Yeah Draco is definitely 1 I’ll be working on.
Unfortunately no Armormata for me yet until I get the needed unlocks.

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Interestingly your post made me realize that I’m lacking 2 good carnis at my top if I don’t count my lvl 25 Dimetro. So two IRaps are perfectly suitted for that gap seemingly, making me more than ready to own 'em. :v:t2:

Plus, your DNA count is still promising considering my pitiful bit so my only option to add more beasties after my insane buy out and seeing the bottom of my tank, are those IRaps as finally spending my SDNAs passing over 32k! For a long long while, I’ll be hatching and fusing the ones staying at my market and my bench.

Really useful share, thanks and congrat’s once more. :clap:t2:

Wish they could pin it to the top of the forum among with the other useful threads, as it might help other players who are in a transition state from mid to late.

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A really cool one by the name, looks and stats all together. :blue_heart: Locked for me either despite having the components.

I need another 6 months to gather up resources for that beauty and others more. :thought_balloon:


Hmm Koola yes, have all the numbers to make her maxed out so she is on my sight too. :call_me_hand:t2:

Ooo… Someone has already been playing with fire. @Aether_12 :sweat_smile: I hope you’re wearing your safety gloves and goggles. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now I can go to sleep dreaming of my new incomers,

Dark Ego and Deep Fear.


See you guys 'morrow. :dizzy: