Indoraptor incubater


So i did the batlle with the indo raptor. And my dino’s died but so did the indoraptor because i did damage overtime. In normal battle it would have been draw. But now i just loose and get nothing. The point is to kill him and i did, witch was dificault but he died and there is nothing that says i need to have a dino alive. I don’t get a sec change ore the incubater. Thats not really motivating ore fun. I took a screenshot from the defeat and you can see that i killed him and also lost…


well, you have to WIN to get the incubator. so loss or draw is the same result.


U could pay $200 hard cash to play again


Can’t loose 3 creatures in a strike event says so in their description


I’ve never seen a strike event that says that you just have to kill the creature(s). It says you have to WIN. If your creatures are all dead (well save for the fourth one) then you lose or it is a draw. A draw isn’t a win, it’s a draw. It’s a bummer but you can retry by paying in game cash for it.


Technically yeah you didn’t win but I’d feel a bit hard done by too. Be nice if you got another free crack at it.
There’s plenty of unhappy people out there after this one as a lot was left to RNG.


Okay. Not gonne pay but i’ll do bettee next time :blush: just sucked at that moment