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Indoraptor is a joke?


Indoraptor evade is 100 % like “i am a stone hit me please”


Not mine. My evasive fails all the time.


Same. Mine is a slacker, he rarely dodges.

Only if he could learn from his mother I-Rex. She dodges like a queen most of the time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :crown:

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It’s like every dino that has something cool ends in an anti-climax!

90% of the time my opponents Indo blocks attack, frustrates me so much I can’t wait until Sunday to dart mine, I have 243/250 so easy to unlock, but I know it will be an anti-climax because mine will fail to block 90% of the time. :joy:


Mine is either all or none. Opponent’s today was 100 percent all dodges. It’s sad to see the crit animation on DSR with my indo but then their indo evades… :disappointed:


I think the 50% is pretty accurate. There are games where it dodges everything, others where it dodges nothing, and still others that it will dodge once and not another. By my math that works out to be 50/50.


I am 25 DNA away from Indoraptor. I should get it with the Sunday event. I was hoping to get him sooner, but the raptors are not out as much lately.


Mine dodges all the time.


Mine doges alot Irex is the one that almost fails everytime.

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Not mine either so…


I love my Indoraptor! Sometimes evasive can save an otherwise hopeless situation - a 50% chance is a lot better than 0%. And it will cause the Dracorat user to reconsider (or forget :wink:)!

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Mine is close to 50%. There was an interesting RNG battle when my Indor was fighting with an Ornitho. My opponent kept using evasive strike and my Indor used evasive stance. Ornitho dodged 6 times in a row, my Indor dodged 6 times (used evasive stance twice, taken one strike in between during cooldown). Finally I was the luckier one.


My indoraptor dodges 1/20, opponent indoraptor dodges 21/20.



Exactly like mine


Holy mackerel,i forgot about this meme

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Same here. My procera and Indo evasive stance always fail :expressionless:

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Kinda a dead meme, sorry.

Saw the chance and took it.


Whoops :rofl:

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Yeah I agree. Couldn’t wait to bench my Irex