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Indoraptor is RIDICULOUS

Yes, I know, nothing new here, but I will keep pointing this out.

For the love of god Ludia, what a STUPID thing you’ve created… It ruins the strategy of the game with that Evasive + DSR… I know that on higher levels you probably have better ways to counter it, but in mid level (around 3800 - 4400 trophies or probably more) it’s just pathetic! I see so many topics complaining about DracoG2, but Indoraptor is so, so much worse around here… 90% of battles are decided by who has him in the team, and usually using Evasive Stance. That’s just disgusting… Many players wait to send Indo as the last dino (probably to avoid a possible nullifier), so when I see it coming I already get depressed, even before he uses ES… Cause win or lose I know I’m going to another coin toss… You create a battle game and let the outcome of the whole thing be decided with 50/50 chances, are you kidding me?

Seriously, Indoraptor is single handedly making me want to quit battles.


I already did

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My indoraptor is level 26 and I’m at 4500 and cannot move any higher. I’m stuck. Indoraptor is a beast IF it dodges but it is also VERY flimsy


Yeah, but as I said, below 4400 he’s the appex predator and decides most battles with ES+DSR+20% crit… And he’s pretty resilient for a fast heavy hitter.


That’s thing although it’s got evasive stance it isn’t immune! That’s it’s weakness


Using Indoraptor in battles is just playing with luck, you either win or lose based on how lucky you are with the evasive stance. :neutral_face:

It’s a good thing that nullifying creatures exist!

I feel your pain! However he has been so useful in dodging big hitters such as thor. He actually was a pivotal helper in getting myself 5k trophies. But my team backs him up. My counter at your level. Monostego! He owns indo every which way bar when u come in on a crit DSR. Yes you argue a toin coss but save your best dino till last not 1st. Stegod also can beat him if he doesnt dodge.

The game is based on RNG so work with it not against. While it wont always go your way, use it because it will. Indo is also weak vs bleeders if you play the whole mind game with spinot. Do you use crit first or bleed ha.

Indo is a beast and so he should be being a unique. Every unique should obliterate most who are not bar some legendaries.

That said I cant deny I dont like the RNG based battle system it is frustrating but i guess it is only way to beat those with money and too much time. Id love a better battling system but in all fairness you would have to rework alot of the game and with all the bugs, its unlikely that will happen.


I love how people whine Indoraptor has the potential to solo 2 of your dinosaur. Meanwhile Diloracheirus is GUARANTEED to do it with the ridiculous kit it has.

But nah, let’s complain about the possibility of less than 50%


Most people that complain about indo havent came across a high level dilorach, tryko, erldiom etc. Indo in the endgame meta is least of the problem. @Raven


Funny how some people don’t pay attention in what others say… I’m aware there are worse things than Indoraptor, that’s why I made clear I’m talking about a mid-level game where he is the only Unique that appears in almost every battle… And also, the problem is exactly the ramdom 50/50… so stupid… It’s not about wining or losing.

Yeah, unfortunately I spent all my Mono DNA on Monomimus (before the nerf)… And Mimus can also be a good way to put an end to the evasion… it’s a shame that it usually dies right after…

Agree with all the rest… A unique must be strong, but this RNG-o-saur isn’t being strong… I swear I prefer losing to strong Uniques like Tryko and Dilo than this stupid Indo.

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When I was still playing the pvp, I would not use those evasive dodge moves unless I knew I was going to die the next hit. That was with I-Rex. Those were never the first thing I would hit. I would rather just wack my opponents dinos. I haven’t been PVP’ing lately and I have an Indo I can level to 23. I’ve never used my Indo in PVP. I think my wife did when she played my team last when I first made it.

Epic strike tower wise, I don’t use these evasive dinos at all except for fun on the little white or blue ones. Those strike towers are my big source of coins as a ftp player so I am very calculating with those which is why I’m not going to risk coins to RNG.


It’s actually hilarious how often my battles come down to indoraptor vs indoraptor; duel of the rng, and not in a good way. It’s pathetic; any semblance of strategy goes out the window as we just test our luck against each other. And if it’s not indo vs indo then it’s indo vs indom


you can hope that monomimus will get a unique hybrid (just like when dilorano got a nerf to get a new unique next)

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I don’t have as many problems with Indoraptor as I do with Dracorex2. At least Indoraptor you’re aware of what you are up against. Dracorex2 is a cheapshot that your opponent may or may not have.

Indominus can also be a one hit killer against many dinosaurs that aren’t shielded or evading. But for that one hit power attack you have to take a gamble in the cloak. Fortunately when going up against an Indom that has cloaked I know that if I don’t shield or take a chance with my own dodge/evasive move or remove its cloak that I am going to die on its next hit if I don’t get lucky and kill it.

Indorap i love it and i hate it, it’s all about lucky but when the times come it does the job. Now, i think indorap it’s one of the “easiest” Unique to create and ludia give us a few events to unlock or lvl up.

In that way it’s more ridiculous how draco gen 2 works that the facing of indorap

I was paying attention, just didn’t feel like hitting you with the essay I am presenting right now… But you forced my hand.

Actually, 50% of winning or losing against something is the pinnacle of being balanced and Indoraptor, as it’s non-immune incarnation, is the most balanced unique.

  • It has bad matchups from every tier of dinosaurs (common, rare, epic, legendary and unique)

  • It has a really versatile kit while having multiple weak spots to use and abuse against it.

  • it doesn’t ‘autowin’ by its kit, as the individually strong skills don’t make an almost uncounterable chainreaction (unlike broken Diloracheirus and not broken, but still too strong Utarinex).

  • It has the potential to carry an entire team while also being really mortal (because of the 50% chance of failing).

  • Indoraptor is not a disease, but a symptom of the disease what is Ludia’s definition of RNG, as it has been proven it uses stacked RNG. Basically while it kinda is random in the grand scheme of things and reflects the percentages (5%, 20%, 50%), it enforces the percentages in winning and losing streaks, if the standard deviation is more than the aimed percentage. But, unlike most games with a similar “enforced” pseudo-RNG, Ludia’s doesn’t try to enforce the percentage inside the match, just globally. That is why you can get 3 x 5% crits in the face, while failing a 75% stun. So when Indoraptor, a perfectly balanced dinosaur in theory dodges 5 times for every match in a streak of 10, it’s not because Indoraptor is ridiculous, it’s because Ludia has ridiculously bad codes for programming. Nothing more, nothing less.

Also. There are a plethora of dinosaurs that can gut Indoraptor in the midgame. Tanycolagreus a few levels ahead, Dilophosaurus a few levels ahead, even Monolophosaurus a few levels ahead. And on even levels: Ankyntroll, Monomimus, Monostegotops, Suchatartarsauce.

Indominus rex also does reasonably well against it. Not absolute counters, both both Gigaspikasaur and Stegodeus can smack Indoraptor around if played well.

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When they had those level 30 I-Rex and Indo epic strike towers, I had one of those swap in invincibility shield birds ready for it, just in case. I had that 23 I-rex cloak on me in this weeks epic strike but my 25 stegodeus was able to absorb it in combo with its shield so that one wasn’t a problem. Of course you can’t choose your team in pvp.

I’m sorry, but I disagree. I don’t think a dino that may carry a team by sheer luck can be called balanced. As I said (and many others), the game doesn’t value strategy by having something like that… Indoraptor vs Indoraptor or vs I-Rex is so pitiful to watch and I hate when I see myself in that position… It’s like, “Ok let’s see who is luckier!”… ZERO skills… I am not “whining” because I also have my victories where an opponent’s Indo doesn’t dodge any of my attacks. My criticism is about letting RNG decide matches completely…

Anyway… I don’t know about programming codes, so I can’t comment on that… But it’s a 50/50 chance, so anything could happen…