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Indoraptor is RIDICULOUS

I haven’t have as much problem with Indoraptor as I have with Utahsinoraptor! Time to rethink my team I guess…

It’s infinitely more balanced than the abomination called a Diloracheirus that is guaranteed to take out two dinosaurs, or if not outright murder them, then beating them to the point they can be oneshot by anything.

Also, everything in this game is RNG based. Stuns, crits, dodges, the deck you get on entering the arena. So it’s rather pointless to argue dodging is skilless; so is using stuns, crits and others. It is called a bias, because you in particular don’t like that mechanic. It doesn’t make it unbalanced.

Besides, one can legit build a team with 4 or even 5 nullifiers… I legit forgot Tyrannolophosaurus also performing well against Indoraptor.

So if dodging bothers you so much, use a 4-5 nullifying team and be done with it.

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I love your posts man, keep telling it like it is @Arnold

I know how much of a pain that damn thing is and how game-breakingly over-abundant it is through-out the mid game (and probably entire meta thanks to Ludia giving it away). However in my time of climbing up to the 4400 trophy area I developed many useful strats to counter first I-Rex then Indo_crap_tor which I’d like to share, I’m tempted to write a guide on how to counter these OP threats through the mid-game.

In a word tho, Tanycolagrius, don’t believe the hype about it being nerfed… all it needs is to be 1 level above indo_crap_tor to be able to pwn it 1-on-1 (unless indo crits). So it’s by far the best indo counter well worth over-levelling (if you can now find it’s spawns) :-/ All mid-level gamers ought to be fully investing in Tany to stand a chance, then you get to a place of oh goodie another ‘indo_crap_tor’ I can destroy trololol. Most people have I-Rexs on their teams too, mines taken out both Indos within the same match a number of times.


It’s definitely a valid tactic to use Tanycolagreus against newbie Indominus rex or Indoraptor players. But both dinosaurs are able to kite Tanycolagreus very effectively by a veteran player, so watch out for that.

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Its only a 50/50 chance if rng isnt hardlocked by the rng enforcing code… rng decides the outcome of battles quite often…its not just indo… i refer this rng enforcing code as a switch… if youve been on the wrong side of rng to often it gets set to on… and all your stuns land… hits crit… dodges actually dodge and your opponent feels helpless. Once you go to far into the rng positive it gets flipped off. And you get no crits, no stuns, no dodges… its a pretty easy to see pattern if you play enough battles.

Indo isnt the problem and either is any of the rng based mechanics. Its the fact that this enforcer code had to be made to begin with… they knew there was a problem and just built another system to keep the other system in check.

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Yes ofc, the majority of Indo players to start with Cloak/Evasive are easily countered, however I still find people still using that lame strat at the top of Lockwood Manor. If I see a L20 I-Rex I can pretty much guarantee the first move will be Cloak, but then Tany is only one of my strats mainly used to catch the late-game indoraptors - my entire team is designed around destroying the Indos (it’s the only way I can progress as a F2P gamer lol)

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Exactly! It can be slowed and stunned! My pyrittor is a beast also but it loses its punch against being slowed!

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This line of argument is so messed up, ‘dont complain about this particular rng when there’s all this other rng that’s just as bad’. Yeah the game’s full of rng and you knoww what? All of it sucks. Dodge is simply the worst offender and the one we point to because of that. Also how often is there a face-off against two stunning dinos vs how often you see dodgers facing off? Stunners mostly have 1 stunning move, with a couple of exceptions, so it’s not like the entire match between them is constant rng stuns, vs when two dodgers face off and it’s just pure coin-tosses all the way.


Well, yeah, those are bad. Been there, done that, learnt my mistakes why it is awful to start with dodging :sweat_smile:

I personally really like Indoraptor / Indominus vs Tanycolagreus face-offs. It’s like one of those western movies. The two staring down eachother and whoever blinks first will die.

Cause, for Tanycolagreus, it’s over if they use the nullifying, but the Indo goes dodging the next round (and hopefully not failing two instances). It also results in a quick death if they go for two regular strike, but either Indo class dino will go for impact + rampage.

But then again, both Indo crush and burn if they go Cloak or Evasive too soon. It’s a really intense and fun matchup.

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Having a nullifying team has been my objective for months now! (and this goes to show that it’s not an easy task). And again, I know Dilo and others can be way worse than Indo… that’s not the point… But for stuns we basically need immune dinos, and we have way more options for that than nullifiers. I don’t have problems with stunners since the update.

RNG is a fundamental part of the game. Don’t like it, don’t play it. Simple as that.

Well, for immunes, as far as I know, there is Indominus rex, Erlidominus, Tryostronix, Postdimetrodon and Momomimus. For endgame, that is. There is also Monolometrodon… And I guess Ankylocodon? But I would say those two are not so great.

For nullifiers, there is Monomimus again, Ankyntroll, Tyrannolophosaurus, Monostegotops, Tanycolagreus and Suchatartarsauce. Also, Monolometrodon. Forgot about that. But Monolometrodon kinda sucks anyway…

There are roughly as much good nullifiers as there are immunes, with either having an extra on the other group, depending on your standard of good.

But there are other ways for dealing with stunners, like enduring them with a tank or using faster dinos and even the cheesy DracoG2. And another big difference is that not all stunners are “chain stunners”… Actually most of them will only stun you once… And I know that can be terrible, especially if it’s a rampage, but at least it won’t be a successive thing like evasion…

I have two immunes on my team and two tanks… and one tank-immune (Anky)… they usually take care of the problem. The humble Ankylocodon is the best for the job.

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Any of my evasive dinos get hit through evasive more than they dodge, I don’t rely on it. My indo is mostly for end game when all the other speedy dinos are usually gone and my opponent has a tank with lowish health or their cloaking critter has used up their evasive/ cloak and its on a cool down.

Arnold, i know that we’re around the same trophies, think we could be friends? It’d be interesting to see your difference in play style in a friendly challenge compared to the normal people I go against. :slight_smile:

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Sure Asta, my pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

Arnold 4336

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I have no unique dinos. I’m at 4250. And I’m actually surprised how often I beat him. Much rather face him than a few other uniques.

Ah, the old ‘it exists so stop complaining about it’ fallback. I wonder if you would recommend this to everyone who finds something in this world they disagree with. It doesnt counter any of my points; just says that all you can do to defend yours is to tell me to stop making mine.

OMG if you have problems with indoraptor uninstall the game! Waah I want to beat end game Dino’s with mid game Dino’s, it don’t work like that! Uniques are an insane grind for a reason! lvl a monosteg and have a chill. Also are you a anti drac g2 and also anti rest of current meta cause you have an overlevelled stegod?? maybe your running tanks in the first definitive anti tank meta?? Indo can be beaten with a raptor with a bit of luck and absolutely destroyed by a monosteg. Seriously 3 tanks on a team and complaining about indo mad strats…

Another one… Is that what I said? Read again bro, I’m talking about the random results of evasion, not about losing. I think it’s stupid. If you don’t, great! We’re all entitled to our opinion.

And no, I’ve actually defended DracoG2 around here even though I DON’T use it! And my Stegod is around the same level of others in my team. I like to keep their levels balanced :wink:

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If you don’t like evasive Indo remember when it was immune and had CLOAK that was an Indo worth complaining about! Prob why today’s Indo is severely nerfed version!

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