Indoraptor! Let's go!

Show me or the community how u did!!
10-30 = Good Job!
30-50 = Great Job!
50-100 = Perfect!!
100-150 = PRO!!
150-200 = U probably didnt get this much


41 :woman_facepalming:
Still. Saves on a lot of velociraptor DNA by cutting out four fuses!

55, but I was directly on top of it. I was only 12 meters (metres) away.

Thanks for the positivity! I’m completely ecstatic with grabbing 68! :cowboy_hat_face::+1::tada::confetti_ball::beers:

I haven’t even gone out yet! It’s only 9:48 on my clock even though the game thinks it’s 10:48

Very happy with how much I got cuz before this I had xx7 and now it’s not gonna bother me anymore :heart_eyes:image


Great! I went on top of him and got 65! Good job guys!:grinning:

I got 73. Was very happy with that. Now I’m 123/250 so I’m almost halfway to unlocking!

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  1. Got mine up to level 23
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Nice! Although I’m nowhere near getting it, I’m still determined! Rexys spawn all the time for me, so getting more indominus shouldn’t be that hard… now for velociraptor…

That was the worst part of the grind especially for someone that never night hunts. Took a LONG time

Can’t say I dont night hunt, but I dont do it often…

I got 108. Happy with it.

Anyone have 1 Indo DNA they could spare?

  1. We had a fellow on metahub actually break 200 though.

Almost forgot about this again, imma give it a shot after dinner. Without extended battery life my score will probably be pretty low :joy_cat:

I got 97 for my wife and only 54 for me.


That’s love right there! :heart_eyes:

You did it right then.

A good score AND a number ending in 0 :pray:t2:
I’m actually more happy about the 0 than the total lol. Would’ve taken 10

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