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Indoraptor navigare : Lost Creature

I have searched on Google and found a genus named ‘Indoraptor’ and specie ‘navigare’ which was really existed! :hushed:
It is looking good and I want that it comes in the game Jurassic world alive with full name “Indoraptor navigare” (for no confusion between three Indoraptors :sweat_smile:)

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So, I made some research and no, Indoraptor navigare didn’t really exist, it’s a fictional dragon made by an artist Joshua Knüppei I think it was called. He even tried to put up a demand to the movie’s creative team for not doing enough research and technically “stealing” the creature’s name.
That’s all I could found about it, there’s no paleontological research made to this creature and no factual information either, not even a short video about it.


:exploding_head::astonished: oh so sorry, I have not researched enough!
Sorry about this!

So this conversation will give information about this that it is fake!
Thanks to you! :relaxed:

From which site you found this information?
I want to read more… :sweat_smile: