Indoraptor needs buff

Both are crape. Indo gen 2 has a exclusive creature. SRIII doesn’t have any exclusive and is RNG broken

I have a few that I’ve started, I think phorex is my closest, about 20-30 off. I’ve been playing about 3 months ftp, last month I’ve been getting dinos up to lvl 15 & levelling up my team when I get a bunch of coins. Next time I get enough hard cash for some coins I should have a couple of level 20s but I’m holding my own @ 4250 trophies at the moment & beating teams with uniques on a pretty regular basis.

Indo g2 is pretty good for a legendary and it doesn’t need a buff. It using exclusive dna is not important because there are exclusive dinos with hybrids that aren’t that good.

I feel that Indoraptor doesn’t need a buff. Maybe a small one, sure, but it shouldn’t be anything that drastically changes it. Maybe change Cunning Strike and APR to Daring Strike and Daring Rampage, but even then, I still don’t really want Indo to get buffed. It serves it’s purpose as a stepping stone for lower level players to get into higher level arenas. Plus, basically everyone can get it, and level it up. It has one super common ingredient, a T.Rex raid, an Indom raid, and a raid to itself that can help in grinding for Indoraptor. Have I also mentioned that ever since these raids have been added, they’ve never been replaced, and if they continue to stay that way, it’s just free DNA for Indoraptor? If we were to make Indoraptor meta relevant, then the arena would be super boring, so stale, and so frustrating, because everyone has a leveled up, boosted Indoraptor. Lower level players can grind for Indoraptor, whilst most higher level players already have it leveled, and only need to boost it. Like I said before, it’s not an endgame or meta relevant dino, it’s just the player’s stepping stone into unlocking Uniques, and will eventually be replaced for a better Dino or a dino that that player prefers.

I agree with this, of course but Indoraptor shouldn’t be considered a “left-behind” Unique. Basically everyone used it when they were lower level and still progressing. I used it for a while, and plenty of players use it in the arena. It’s definitely useful midgame, and a little useful getting into lategame, but it should fall off after that.


A majority of players aren’t going to get help from their alliance mates to help fuse Scorp G3. They will just have to grind it out the old fashion way

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It needs a minor buff/rework at best and not completely left in the dark (including others like vexus and dilo) when the only uniques it beats are dracoc and thor and gets eaten alive by even most legendaries including its gen 2 or even its parent indominus which has more use. It needs to be a very risky pick on shores teams and not an automatic lose card. Blame other things like boosts and droppers and caps on why youre getting slaughtered by unproperly boosted lvl30 indos on manor/aviary not indo himself


Rework at best. It dosen’t need a buff in any way

If easy to get is the problem, then make Velociraptor or Rex exclusive.

There is 0 reason why one of the franchise icons, from the 2nd strongest rarity too, should be this beatable and replacable.

Especially when there are uniques just as easy to get several tiers above.

Is stegosaurus good? no

Is Plux good? No

Is Indominus G2 good? no (t really)

Is Spinoraptor good? no

Is Stegoceratops good? No

See the pattern. Franchise Dino’s don’t have to be good.
In fact they usually are terrible,
Aside from a handful, including Scorpios 1/3, Plux, Indominus, Etc.

Also it is by far the easiest unique to get:

Is Thor easy to get? Kinda
Is Toven easy to get? No
Is Mrhino easy to get? no
Is skoona easy to get? no
Is Savilas easy to get? No

So because Ludia cannot balance a few, that justifies others being bad… How exactly?


Almost all are beyond terrible. That’s what you’re complaining about

Is Testa easy to get? Yes
Is Erlikospyx easy to get? Yes
Is Scorpius Gen 3 easy to get? Yes

Also, Monorhino isn’t particularly hard to get either when 2 of its components are dirt easy to get commons.

And they shouldn’t be. Duh.

I’m laughing rn

Nasuto has been for ages event exclusive, Carnotaurus is almost impossible to spawn, and rhino is event exclusive (or hard to spawn)

And Nasuto isn’t exclusive anymore
I dunno what to tell you about Carno when it takes as much effort to pop 2 giga scents (you get them for free) and you get like 1200-4000 carno dna barely doing anything

Carno is only Friday, and nasuto is still biggyt


10 chars

That’s… straight up wrong. Daily dinos don’t spawn from scents. You have to walk, drive, or do something that gets you out and about, and from most people’s situations, Carno still doesn’t tend to be common. I see a couple Carnos Friday, yes, but certainly not enough to get thousands.


This does absolutely nothing when nearly all of the playerbase has accumulated thousands of Rex and Velo DNA barely doing anything. I rarely see or dart T.Rex, (Let alone actually am good at darting it…) and I certainly don’t intend on wasting my time darting Velociraptor, yet I’m here with nearly 9k T.Rex and 73k Velo, which, for some players, is a laughably low amount. Plus, it’s unlikely they would make a common and Rex exclusive. If they made Indoraptor from Velo, Rex, and Blue, then maybe, but even then, Blue is a dino most people have a lot of DNA of. Sure I raid TRex occasionally, but that’s mostly just to help alliance members.

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