Indoraptor needs either immunity or cloak back

Doge mechanism is nerfed as well as crit mechanism. Indoraptor is kinda like very mediocre now…I know there are useless uniques like Pterovexus but come on at least indor was in the movie! Plz make indoraptor great again!

Immunity would put Indoraptor STRAIGHT back on my team :+1::+1::+1:


I totally agree. Ludia did not understand that we had not yet leveled up our dinosaurs that counter cloak. Now you have these dinosaurs that counter cloak and render dinosaurs such as Indoraptor useless at the same time. Give Indoraptor back the original dodge. I have to think about replacing Indoraptor from my line up after spending time, dollars and resources to get her to level 25. I feel robbed and hoodwinked by Ludia.