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Indoraptor or Thor. Need advice


Here’s my current team:

I plan on darting either allosino or indom but I’m conflicted. I’ll only be able to lvl indoraptor or Thor after this Sunday’s legendary event. I really like Thor but I feel my indoraptor is under lvld for my current trophy lvl (4800-5000).

Would my team benefit by lvling indoraptor or Thor to 25? Thanks in advance.

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Go all out on thor


I’d say Indo. That way you can save a lot of trex for tryko


That 40% crit though. Almost a true coin flip. The extra damage by leveling up is potentially increased exponentially if you think about it. Including the priority move.

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Id go for thor collection, based off its a hair rarer then indo rap ingredients not much. But we do get rex everyday now.

Unless your sitting on a ton of anky dna… then go indoraptor to use daily rex for tryko.

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? Don’t you mean go with Thor, that way you can save a lot of Trex for Trykosaurus


No, if he darts all indominus he saves a lot of fuses, which saves a lot of trex dna

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Thor doesn’t rely too much on crits to win while Indo needs all the dodges to work. Thor is just more reliable way to deliver huge shattering hits with instant charge to help against creatures that out speed it. The amount of Dino’s my Thor has one shot with a critical is amazing! If you need to hit above your weight though Indo (if stars align with rng) can do some amazing things, the high reliance on evasive can mean it just does nothing though, Thor is always taking a chunk out of whatever stands against it whereas Indo is not!


The way it stands, I have 4K Trex, 1.7k anky and 25k Velo dna. However, I have zero kentro. Lvling tryko might be awhile. Also, I went all sino this weekend. That said, I could go 2 indom and then Use my reserve dna to lvl indoraptor. Then, dart remaining 3 on allosino to lvl Thor. It’s a stretch but it might work. Guess it all depends on my luck with fuses.