Indoraptor over rated?

When ever i play against him I don’t find him that dangerous at all aslong as you can avoid the dodges. Which is just luck. My gorgosuchus does more damage than him. Is there a special way to use him? Every one gets so excited about getting him after so much DNA. And I can’t see the excitement???

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He is a pretty bona-fide stegodeus eater that’s enough to be extremely powerful seeming how everyone and their dog has an overpowered stegod plus the recent movie was all about him so it’s easy to be a Indo fan


His lack of immunity is his big weakness. Slowing, stunning and reducing damage makes him have ways to be countered. However he’s still very powerful and if dodges go right he can beat a whole team. I prefer facing anything over the bin chicken at the moment.


I agree. I just got mine last week, and was decidedly underwhelmed given the extreme amount of hype it gets. It needs immunity back in my opinion.

I am pretty sure if they really give I-raptor immunity, this forum will be filled with “nerf I-raptor please” threads.:thinking:


What else is new :laughing:

It is a very powerful beast that once you get, it never leaves your team anymore. It is very fast, hits hard and has the “evasive stance” so few dinos can overcome it without luck. Yes, it has shortcomings such as lack of immunity but I think it is a very well balanced dino that I believe should not be touched. It is also a dino that does not usually create frustration as it happens with the Monomimus.

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Why does it need immunity it’s got a cleanse move just gotta know when to use it and indo practically immune same as stegod?? :confused:

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I don’t want it for my team. I want Indoraptor because it’s from the films.

Considering how difficult they are to get, I think that Uniques SHOULD be OP. It’s your reward for putting in the weeks of effort and $$$ for gas required to obtain them.

Yes, I-raptor is op lol.
Only problem might be those crazy chickens (Diloracherius & Monomimus), but overall still able to handle most of the opponents.

Or you should check Tuoramoloch, a unique far more difficult to create but weaker, which means more deserve to buff.