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Indoraptor possible buff idea in the future lol

So I know a vast majority of people are gonna disagree with me but I just wanna make this post because I wanna see how many people would like this to be a possible change in the future. Remember this is my opinion lol and it’s completely fine to have your own anyway as you may know Indoraptor back in the 1.2 version of JWA used to be completely OP with little to no counters and it had armor piercing strike, cleanse impact, DSR and cloak. But it got nerfed and got evasive stance put on it because cloak was way to strong on it and because there was no Dino that could beat it, but now in this time of the game indoraptor gets completely destroyed by everything that can slow (resilients, precise, nullify etc) and I’d like indoraptor to get a buff to it with cloak, I don’t think it would be broken because there are so many more dinosaurs that could beat it and could counter indo, also cloak would just be fun for players who have never experienced cloaked Indo and would make the indo worthy of the rank “unique” also also it would just give it a boost and help it out more in combat. I have a lot more to say but this is the general idea, anyway I’d like to hear your thoughts down below (remember this is my thoughts) also this moveset is just an idea not and maybe chance the strike if you want


Me when I see tiger in the forums :flushed:


5,600 damage. No thank you


Revenge cloak:allow me to introduce myself


dies immediately

You do realize indom and erlidom do more damage right? They do 6k lol…even more with revenge cloak so it’s not really bad

@Carnokiller1 after hearing this


Use shield, Dio, tryko,gemi, ardentis, skoona are still counter this. I like it, its not like the other OP indoraptor’s buff theread. It would be awesome if change cleansing impact to cleansing cunning impact (basically cleansing impact with cunning move)


Indom and erlidom do 9000 (11000 with crit) dmg on revenge cloak so don’t know what you’re talking about

Not even crit

Simple, not many cunning creatures can counter this version of indoraptor. And even 2,800 damage to a shielded resilient creature is over half the health in which indoraptor can just go for cleansing impact next turn and become faster and then finish it off with another Apr. I think I doraptor is perfectly fine with it’s position in the game.

The problem is, cuninngs aren’t suppose to counter indoraptor. Resilients counter indoraptor.

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Info is fierce cunning. Info’s main counter should be cunning not resilients

:expressionless: Are you serious? Indo is mainly cunning

With that 75% resist to distraction? Naaah,No point looking for cunning counters

Cunning strike, Cleansing impact, Armor piercing rampage, Evasive stance. Only two of it’s moves are cunning, one is a strike and the other is a non damaging priority move. I think Indo is more fierce than cunning. And if you look at the rock, paper, scissors dynamic of the game. A paper-scissors will still beat beat paper. Or have you not played rock, paper, scissors. If you want a cunning Indo just go for Indo G2. Simple

But it has two cunning moves. So it makes it more cunning. That apr isn’t even that fierce

This is a really good idea. The old indoraptor was much better.

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I am saying if you want a cunning indoraptor go for G2. And I personally don’t believe G1 should be buffed. If it did much of the lower arenas will become more dependent on getting indorat more than ever

Why are you putting words in my mouth?