Indoraptor price

The indoraptor price is a little to much, it takes forever to get its way to hard to get raptor DNA. So it should be a least 1250-1500. If you see this please make the change.


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Good idea, but I think I have to disagree. Indoraptor is SUPER OVERPOWERED, crushing anything in its way, and 4000 is a good price for fusion, as such a powerful dino should be hard to get.

If, for example, it was about 2000 to fuse, then it would cost 1000 to buy, and would be just too cheap for such an end-game dino that can beat almost anything.


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Indoraptor’s price is 2000 velociraptor dna. That’s a pretty good price for a dinosaur with such good stats. It is quit hard for a lot of people to collect enough but once you do it’s really worth it. Just do every code 19 that pops up, try your best in winning events, and in spinwheels.

It would be better if ludia adds another way to get more sdna that lowering the price.


What I meant to say is that it would still cost 4000 to fuse but to just make the price to get another a little less like 1750

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If you are a VIP player, do all of the events and have Velociraptor DNA selected as an option for events as well as for your Code 19’s you should be earning enough SDNA for an Indoraptor every 2-3 weeks. That’s not including any picked up from MOD PvP. I don’t think there is an adjustment needed in the price.


As @Indominus_Rexy and @Acrocanthosaurus have stated, it is one of the most powerful end -g ame dinosaurs so I don’t think it deserves a price buff. Else it would be so easy to get such a very very good creature. All good things come at a price.


If ludia does lower it’s price they prob also lower its stats to make it a little bit more even.

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Yeah you guys are right sorry for watering your time

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Wasting not watering

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It’s not wasting it’s totally fine :wink:

Sorry :sweat_smile: my bad


You didn’t waste our time. You were just making a suggestion and we as a community always strive to help others

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It’s alright! It was a good idea, just a few things on why it shouldn’t be added :slight_smile:


What is y’all’s best creature
Mine indoraptor 10

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Indo gen 2 as my strongest. But Indominus rex max as “The Best”

Almost have max indominous Rex because have 2 20’s fusing right now and have a 30 ready to go

Solid lineup! Would need a bit of herbs at the top, such as monostegotops and tourney hybrids if you have them.

It’s also a bit shallow, where are your VIPs?

Currently focusing on getting more hybrids and getting them max

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