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Indoraptor question


I was fighting indoraptor vs my allosinosaurus on round 2 i went for stun and he had evasive stance rolling i was hoping to wait out evasive stance with the stun even if it did no damage. However the hit did land but he wasn’t stunned. I thought like superior strike if the hit does or doesn’t land the slow always does take effect. Why is this not the same with stuns?


Stuns don’t slow. They just take one attack from the opponent. But in your case the stun didn’t land, so nothing was supposed to happen

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Yeah. Chance of landing a hit through cloak is independent of chance of the stun working.

Also, superiority strike isn’t a “chance” of working like the stun move. Superiority strike always slows them, unless they are immune. That stun has a 75% chance of working.