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Indoraptor re work

I personally don’t like the Indoraptor that is currently in the game, partially due to the fact it feels inferior when compared to Indominus. Especially for beginners, the Indominus rex was a game changer because of how good it was. Indoraptor definitely does not live up to that, especially in the resistance department and when compared to Erlidominus. When comparing these two, it’s just embarrassing. Erlidominus has all of Indominus’ resistances, it’s faster than Indoraptor which doesn’t make sense since velociraptor is faster than Erlikosaurus, I have no clue where Indoraptor’s resistances went and the cleansing impact does NOT make up for it. I know that Indoraptor is supposed to peoples “first Unique” but that doesn’t give it an excuse to be this nonsensically bad. I am also not just talking about the players in late game where the meta is resilient heavy, but earlier in the game when players would.

If I were to recreate it would look like this:
eva indo


The Fierce strike I feel makes sense since Indoraptor is part fierce and both T rex and Indominus have it.

Although I said cleansing impact doesn’t make up for the resistance lost, I never said it was a bad move. Being able to cleanse while dealing damage is pretty nice, plus I couldn’t make this Indoraptor too different.

Armor piercing pounce is a nice mix of Indominus’ APR and Velociraptors high pounce, thus making it perfect for Indoraptor.

The reason I have not mentioned Indominus’ cloaking ability is because in the movie Jurassic World Fallen kingdom Indoraptor wasn’t shown to be able to cloak/camouflage. Although, It was advertised to be the “most dangerous creature to ever walk the earth”. That along with it’s black scales, red eyes, and the yellow line going down its body, I feel like a new ability would work well. The ability nightmare works well with Indoraptors appearance and its portrayal in the movie.

The on escape evasive stance was added because I felt like Indoraptor should have another evasive move emplace of Evasive stance.


Like I had previously stated, the cleansing Impact would not make up for the lack of resistances Indoraptor has in comparison to Indominus, though due to being part cunning it should not have the same resistances as indominus. Indominus is fierce who’s weakness id supposed o be a cunning, which is why it isn’t immune to distraction or crit reduction. Same can be said with Erlidominus and speed decrease + vulnerability. Indoraptor being a cunning fierce should be a nice mix of both. Being (almost) evenly resistant to all of them is a nice balance between cunning and fierce.