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Indoraptor rework/buff

This is an idea which could be weaker, but this allows it to be more fun and more of a fierce/cunning. it’s fierce part right now is shadowed by it’s cunning as is only has armor piercing rampage and cleanse impact which can’t bypass shield. This would not be a problem if there was more then just two other cunning fierce with this shield balance. Which the other 13 out of 16 cunning fierce have a distraction and at least one shattering.

If we look at the cost it could be seen as expensive in the fact that it it takes 2500 raptor and 50 trex which yes are both global but is still not cheap.

This is mainly a rant of ludia taking away shattering from a favorite dinosaur of mine.


yoooh that would be soo good cause indoraptor is one of my favourite creatures and really needs a buff!

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At least one cleasing impact and defence shattering rampage is needed

I do like the concept of shifting the big attack (like rampages/pounces) from a fierce type to a cunning type and moving the fierce attack to an impact. This allows for a better fierce game play as the previous indo crumbled before shields which is a bit counter-intuitive. However I feel that 2 fierce moves is a bit much considering how strong cleansing shattering strike would be a basic move on indo allowing it to “bait” shields out of tanks. I would like to see if that could instead be a move like flightless strike (although they might change the name to make sense) which is a fierce/cunning type of basic move or even make a move like cleansing armor piercing strike which keeps indo to 1 shield breaking move and maintaining its cleanse. Also evasive stance helps a lot against most non unique fierce types so maybe id prefer it i guess. Just my thoughts <3

thats more like a nerf for indoraptor