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Indoraptor rework/buff


This is an idea which could be weaker, but this allows it to be more fun and more of a fierce/cunning. it’s fierce part right now is shadowed by it’s cunning as is only has armor piercing rampage and cleanse impact which can’t bypass shield. This would not be a problem if there was more then just two other cunning fierce with this shield balance. Which the other 13 out of 16 cunning fierce have a distraction and at least one shattering.

If we look at the cost it could be seen as expensive in the fact that it it takes 2500 raptor and 50 trex which yes are both global but is still not cheap.

This is mainly a rant of ludia taking away shattering from a favorite dinosaur of mine.


yoooh that would be soo good cause indoraptor is one of my favourite creatures and really needs a buff!


At least one cleasing impact and defence shattering rampage is needed

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I do like the concept of shifting the big attack (like rampages/pounces) from a fierce type to a cunning type and moving the fierce attack to an impact. This allows for a better fierce game play as the previous indo crumbled before shields which is a bit counter-intuitive. However I feel that 2 fierce moves is a bit much considering how strong cleansing shattering strike would be a basic move on indo allowing it to “bait” shields out of tanks. I would like to see if that could instead be a move like flightless strike (although they might change the name to make sense) which is a fierce/cunning type of basic move or even make a move like cleansing armor piercing strike which keeps indo to 1 shield breaking move and maintaining its cleanse. Also evasive stance helps a lot against most non unique fierce types so maybe id prefer it i guess. Just my thoughts <3

thats more like a nerf for indoraptor


My take


Why are there 2 components to that revenge dodge. Could you clarify how that works? Which dodge comes first?

No indo raptor does not need a buff, it’s balanced as it is, I think players forget that all it takes is a slight change to a Dino in this game to go from fine to op , for it to get dsr,it would have to have a change to its resistances to rebalance it, such as distraction & it’s immunity to stun & crit reduction.

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First part is probably what happens when you use it normally second is probably using it with the revenge mechanic

At first I wanted the evasive stance on revenge to 1. Be a lesser version of cloak and 2. Have 100% chance to dodge like sidestep dose. I thought that was a bit too op so I removed the 100% chance to dodge but for some reason it didn’t save.

He really needs a kit buff it would just take a shield breaker attack and it’s good

Just give him his Defense shattering Rampage Back and maybe a slight boost in stats and that might make him useful

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Nice moveset, I was thinking of some kind of definite strike so it could be used against cloack and dodge effects.

Indoraptor is very underpowered compared to the other creatures in its rarity, class, and even the other creatures in its bloodline (Indominus, Erlidominus, etc). It doesn’t need a massive buff or complete rework; all it really needs to no longer be underpowered is for its APR to be replaced with DSR, slight crit buff (if any) slight damage buff, and a slight change in its resistances like gaining a swap prevention immunity and a 75% resistance to speed decrease. I also gave it a revenge move since I though RES would be a cool consent and Indominus and Erlidominus have one so it would fit.

Indoraptor is also very easy to get & level up, underpowered I think not , in fact it’s one of the strongest in its class, so I’m not sure where you get that from, the problem I see is that many players find a Dino reaching its wall , the point from which it’s no longer viable, so in order for it to move on they want it buffed so it’s more capable.

Not sure where you’re “strongest in its class” from since it gets bodied by almost every other unique both in a 1v1 and In terms of usability. Indoraptor also doesn’t do well against the creatures in its class cunning-fierce. Ye sure it can beat most if not all of them in 1v1 but that’s just expected because it’s faster. Same reason pyrritator is the only cunning-fierce that can beat it. Sorry for not clarifying but when I said it’s the weakest in its class I was talking about in usability. The rest of the cunning fierces do well against both fierces and resilience while Indoraptor can’t because it crumbles before shields. Cunning-fierce is also supposed to be the ultimate counter to the fierce-resilience class but Indoraptor vs the fierce-resilience in its rarity like Trykosaurus, Ardentismaxima, or even Stigydaryx it’s painful. The fact that this can be changed and that wall you were talking about can be broken or just pushed with just a few simple buffs while still not making it over powered is frustrating. More on that wall, Indoraptor gets completely destroy by almost every dinosaur in the current meta; yes I know that it’s most peoples first uniques and is one of the easiest to level up, but if INDOMINUS REX can be used in nublar shores and it’s hybrid can’t, that’s a problem. Like I said before, this isn’t a big buff or a full on rework, just a small one so it’s no longer one of the weaker uniques and is as usable as it’s fellow cunning-fierce.

Not to mention that it loses a lot in the hybridization process. It loses:

  • The glory of cloak
  • 300 health
  • 10% Crit
  • 100 Attack
  • Five or Six resistances (most of which were immunities)
  • Any ability at all to deal with Shields

All for a bunch of speed and a Cunning Move. Cleansing Impact wouldn’t even be necessary if it just kept Indom’s Resistances. And then Armor-Piercing Rampage is just sad.

For heck’s sake, Indo G2 even got Mutual Fury, which is a genuinely fun move, unlike whatever the boring heck Cleansing Impact is.

Honestly indorap is a tricky one
But if you give it back DSR then it needs its distraction immunity to go, but it can keep the stun immunity.
This way playing indorap is more of a mind game creature which can succeed if played right.
I think overall evasive stance as a move needs changing because its garbage compared to other dodge moves at the moment.

To give it dsr , might actually be a worse option, the reason why is as you have said, it’s meant to oppose fierce not resilient, so it’s toolbox should be more governed toward that tbh, a shield breaking move is a fierce move which opposes resilient, I’d be more happy for it to have immunity to deceleration rather than shield breaking bud, which brings it more in line with indom, originally indom couldn’t break shields that was a change in 2.0 , & taken away from indo raptor,personally I’d rather it changed back, I liked both back then, just the way they were.

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Cleansing impact was more relevant sometime ago, don’t forget spyx used to have a dot move & spinocon was a wild card that used to smack both indoraptors around pretty good, so cleansing was a great move to have , not to mention deceleration or distraction cleansing, part of the problem with the move is players use it straight away rather than use cunning strike first simply because it’s the biggest damaging move available,