Indoraptor Rework Ideas

What do you think should be done with the Indoraptor? It’s among the lowest of uniques now since the evasion rework. Should it stay there? I think it’s too iconic for that.

Here are my ideas:

  1. Change evasion to a passive effect like immunity. Give it a chance to dodge every attack without slowing down. Evasion isn’t worth spending a turn for anymore, so why not make it even weaker but also free?
  2. Give the Indoraptor cloak, like in the old days. It’s not in the movies, but whatever it takes. Who says it used everything in its arsenal? That was only a prototype too, anyway.
  3. Replace evasion with Precise Pounce or something.

I think this has some potential! I’d love to see Indo get some buffs come next update, especially since it’s a “franchise flagship” dinosaur and a fan favorite!

I would go with immunity, since as someone said before, in the movie it was immune to the tranquilliser :smile:

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