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Indoraptor SDNA tournament 2020/06/19-22

It is getting sporty already

yeah this tournament has a higher base starting point, will have to see how it progresses over the next 24 hours to see if this will be a more flat curve or if it will have a higher ending number as well.

Picked my dino’s for my 1st battle this morning and then saw the opposing line-up… Well that isn’t gonna work. First battle and the other team had legendaries and tournament dino’s.

I came back with some stronger dino’s that were about right. Proceeded through the ranks, and noticed how high some of the scores are already. Was hoping for a super easy Pred finish this weekend but bottom of Pred is already around 200 which is the normal dom bottom.

Although the other team dino’s started out a good bit higher than normal, i noticed for me at least that they did not get a whole lot stronger though the leagues. Even at the top of Pred i didn’t think the battles were all that hard, maybe even easier than i typically see.

I got into the bottom of dom with 334 then stopped. Like i said, i’ll look to hang out in Pred and take it as easy as i can.

I thought it would ramp up harder faster, so I used a lot of over strength dinos too much.

But, I have a small army of just going to cut it in DOM, so it didn’t hurt that much.

Use L20 Legendary through Pred. Maybe L30.

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Stats wise, would you say Indoraptor Gen2 is better than Gen1?
Just curious

Probably the first tournament where I’m more interested in the predator prize (assuming I don’t get stuck with pteranodons). I’m sure in the long term it’s quite a haul…but at this point a level 20 Indominus is about where I’m at let alone Indo’s that would completely lopsided my team.

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With having 2 Indoraptors types using raptor SDNA, you could have 24 Level 1 Indos. 24*4000 SDNA is 96,000SDNA.

One day, an extra 1200SDNA might look good.

2 Legendary dinos is a weeks worth of grinding at the hardest.

1200SDNA, isn’t as easy to come by.

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More data. Maybe it just started higher? I was trying for #1, but ran out of Dinos.

The tournament started a bit higher in terms of trophies

I used a lot of over strength dinos too. Unfortunately that meant a lot of only 20 point wins. I’m stuck in the middle of Predator with all my guys on cool down.


Not that I’m complaining, but is anyone else getting lots of really weak opposing teams in dominator? I mean, these aren’t even a challenge.

Also, top and bottom:


I kinda mentioned that, while the opponent teams started out more difficult than normal, i felt like they were weaker on average than i was used to seeing in both Pred and Dominator.


These guys are the most important in tournaments :joy:
download (9)


Only the first Indoraptor costs 4000 SDNA, the others 2000. So the correct calculation is 2 x 4000 + 22 x 2000 equals 52,000.


You are correct!

Only lost one of them, and won 40 trophy points and 50 dino bucks!


If only I had him unlocked. :frowning:

Maybe in a few weeks we’ll have another high level park rare/common unlocked event.

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I always use this strategy, but I put the strong creature in the middle.

I haven’t lost a single battle yet. I normally win 50-75%.

I’m using Level 10 VIPs with smashing success (normally they fall a little short unless you get a favorable match up).

Edit: I know it is early, but I’m going to predict a solid 1600+, possibly north of 1800+ for Dominator finish in this one.


Yes, the matches seem easier, but like you’re saying the trophies seem to be raising faster than normal.