Ok so I just unlocked both Indoraptors and found this…

So…is it just me or is its actual selling price always been 40K ???

Isnt it supposed to be at least above 100K ?? Cause Indominus lvl 40 was approx 117K ig…but dont know weather its a glitch or something

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It has always been 40k. This isn’t a glitch.


No, a Lvl 1-10 Indo sells for 40,000 DNA. Each subsequent level doubles it, so a L11-20 sells for 80,000, L21-30 sells for 160,000, L31-40 sells for 320,000.

For example, my Dime at L10 sells for 31,750 DNA. Meanwhile I have one at L33 that sells for 254,000 DNA. 254,000 / 8 (the copies needed to fuse a L31) = 31,750.

Since the release of the gen 1 Indo, it has always been 40,000 DNA per L1-10 copy. I have sold many since it’s release and it has never changed.